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Kelly Peacey is Principal of the Cotswolds School of Crystal Healing and Awareness. 

Kelly is a teacher, therapist and intuitive healer. For more than 20 years, she has been training students in a host of spiritual and healing practices. Kelly has specific interest in natural health, healing and spirituality. 
In addition to running the Cotswolds School of Crystal Healing and Awareness, Kelly is a tutor and therapist at the Isbourne Holistic Centre in Cheltenham. She writes and creates workshops in fields that include Crystal Healing, Spiritual Awareness, Ascension and Angel Alchemy to mention a few. 
Kelly became a formal accredited teacher in 2014, cementing decades of commitment to the education and awareness of all those individuals who want to learn. 
Her devotion to the panoramic field of personal and spiritual development drives her to continually expand her knowledge in her quest to empower her students and clients. 
"I have always had a natural curiosity about why are we here and what is our purpose, if any? This has led me to explore many areas of interest, including ancient wisdom teachings, the history of our origin, quantum physics theories, transpersonal psychology, the occult and mystery schools, philosophy, our connection to Nature, Earth, Spirit and the Universe. It is this curiosity that has taken me on a wonderful journey of self-discovery, a journey that continues today. 
Awareness is a double edged sword and I like everyone, continue to experience the fullness of life with its ups and downs and so when I stand in front of my students and clients, I do so, as one of them. I see us all as equal, we are all here to love, learn and grow for the benefit of All. 
Life is rich with a plethora of ‘everyday’ experiences from which we spiritually learn. We must all jump into it wholeheartedly appreciating what is around and within us! 
Time and time again, I find myself delighting in how the Universe orchestrates situations and encounters with people on my path, further proving Divine Synchronicity! Many so often believe these to be coincidence but really? So many of them change the course of our lives. 
Much of my work is about clearing the programs that we learn as a child that restrict our growth. It is also about reigniting the feelings and knowing of our own interconnection, so we can work with the natural soul’s desire to love and come together. Awakening to the true self as a soul helps us to express who we truly are without fear living to the fullest. 
Does this sound a little too new age or airy faery? Well, let me put it another way… 
We are all here to integrate our soul awareness and at the same time we are here to wash the dishes, do the gardening, and have challenging relationships. 
Our journey is a mix of both light and dark acting as great teachers but as you do the inner work you will notice how easier it is to navigate with your souls integrated wisdom. We all have much to learn." 
Man know thyself 

Workshops and Courses 

Throughout the year, in addition to running the school, Kelly runs a number of workshops on specific subjects or courses where her students delve deeper into the subject matter. 
If you are interested in having Kelly come and teach these courses in your area, or would prefer to do a course on a one-to-one basis, then please contact Kelly directly. 
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