The ancestors are here and they have a message for humanity… 
We are not just the ancestors; we are the elders. We have lived in the human form but now we live and breathe within you. We are in your cells, your DNA and we flow through your veins. That feeling that many of you feel of agitation, and a general unsettledness is real; that is us in you letting you know that now is an important time for healing the past and altering the course of your future. Your foundations in life are drifting into the unknown and yet they are not because we can see old patterns in place. There are those that want to maintain control and see into the future but there is no future if humanity maintains this level of supremacy, dominion over nature and division amongst each other. 
Since humans walked the planet making use of their prefrontal cortex, they sought to conquer and divide. Hungry for power and privileges; this greed has never equated in lasting peace and those that desire such qualities are addicts to chemical reactions felt in their brain. Like you have addicts to substances, gambling, sex, and power there is a growing addiction amongst humanity to drama. Addictions are gratified by a release of chemicals in the brain which brings a surge of pleasure and satisfaction. Humans are unable to sustain this feeling for long and thus the human body and mind seeks to create it more. Over time this creates a dependency that disturbs and distorts the prefrontal cortex and limbic system further affecting decision making, and over generations we have watched this create separation from the human species and their connection to nature and Great Spirit. 
It was not always this way, there was a time when the human consciousness and human body was less dense in energy and maintained harmony with the land. Great Spirit was acknowledged in all of nature, including the wind, the sea, rocks, seeds and the warmth of the sun. There wasn’t a need for language as you know it now. All communication solely used the universal language of the heart. It was a vibrational quality of intention communicated from the higher heart chakra. 
This higher heart chakra is reopening and developing now for many but at the same time humanity is being fast-tracked in clearing what you call the lower chakras that include the root chakra which seeks security, your sacral which seeks connection to others and your solar plexus which holds your own unique source of personal power and will. 
In the awakening of the kundalini consciousness, you come to realise that security found in materialism and possessions were never sustainable. Your relationships have been based on control and manipulation and your personal power was never truly you but more of something you exhibited to fit in and be accepted by others. 
Your source of power is the sun and great Mother Earth is absorbing a unique and timely blend of solar and galactic electrical frequencies. There is a waking up and remembrance that is taking place. Past lives are being recalled, karma is being recompensated and a resurgent interest in being in harmony with nature is growing stronger. The sun is showering you in cyclical light codes and these can feel uncomfortable. Those of you that are aware of this will know that you need to earth, ground, drink plenty of water and work with magnetism. Headaches, nausea, sudden bouts of tiredness, anxiety and confusion are all symptoms that you are receiving the light codes that are released as coronal mass ejections from the sun. This energy will not subside. It will only grow in this lifetime for you. 
As you and Earth are bombarded with this it is altering your subtle awareness and that new light of awareness exposes personal and global disharmony, discord and what is not serving the greater good of All. You as an individual are unable to hold on to everything you once were. The planetary influences in your solar system are triggering your energy body and consciousness to let go of old beliefs and flow willingly towards the unknown. This time is a great initiation for humanity and Mother Earth seeks to take her children of the sun with her but humanity must first realign with nature and open the higher heart. 
Having lived in the human form we know how easy it is to repeat old patterns and go along with what you know but we remind you that nothing greater grows if it is tended to in the same old way as before. Whilst this is an uneasy time on every level you are invited by Great Spirit to breakthrough and this involves the following: 
- Facing your fears 
- Standing strong in your integrity 
- Communicate personal truth 
- Being gentle and kind to all others 
- Inspire through your heart calling. 
Your progress will be greatly accelerated if you are able to do the following: 
- Recognise Great Spirit in you and all others 
- Acknowledge the root causes of your distress 
- Reflect on your expectations from others and life 
- Appreciate who and what supports you 
- Become more aware of who (inside of you) is guiding you 
- Practise forgiveness and compassion 
- Live as one with nature and nurture your relationship to nature 
- Listen to the needs of your body and practise self-care 
- Witness feelings arise and any judgements that are involved 
- Respect others' free will 
- Be open to new unknown developments 
- Energetically align with Mother Earth, the sun and the moon 
- Be open to new pathways appearing 
- Maintain healthy boundaries 
- Be peace 
- Be free. 
We understand each one of these suggestions can be manipulated and misinterpreted but we ask that you take them in the way we have shared them – we trust that you will not make the same mistakes that have been made before you. Peaceful evolution is an option that is available to you. 
Channelled message through Kelly Peacey 28/10/21. 
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