“The Divine Source is always pouring in creative inspiration energy. Make time and space to receive it now.” 
Sometimes you may feel starved of creative inspiration and ideas and the Universe reminds you now that you must stop. Third dimensional living can take over your entire being and the desire to be continually productive whether that be working, maintaining relationships and responsibilities but there must be a balance between exerting energy outwards and receiving energy inwards. Both forces sustain you physically, psychologically, and spiritually in the Earth plane but are also vital in maintaining your connection with your 3D reality and your 5D reality. 
The 5D reality slips in when you stop, rest, let go and slow down your brainwaves. Now is a time to do this. Your awareness is primarily living in two realities, although truth be told you are experiencing multiple realities but your brain can only process the information currently from the two. 
The 5D reality is restorative and regenerates your energy levels as well as elevating and expands your consciousness. Although consciously choosing to do this is ideal, you will notice that occasionally you do it passively. IF you do not allow time and space to do this your personal energies become depleted as you project all your attention onto the outside world and others. It also prevents you from feeling the flow of the Divine Source guide and inspire you. 
We recognise that many of you are questioning paths that you have already committed to and be wondering why you have lost your motivation and enthusiasm. It may well be that your path is no longer serving your new Souls needs. You are asked to allow time and space to “be”, it is in this void of doing no-thing that answers and solutions may flow in. Like Buddha or the Christ, you could sit beside a tree or in nature and ask the question. You will be pleased to know that you are unlikely to have to fast or wait for 40 days to receive. 
Earth and humanity are going through a remarkable shift in consciousness and already there has been so much achieved. This massive achievement has been chaotic and disruptive and that is exactly what is required to shift the 3D world into alignment to draw down the 5D awareness. There has been confusion and fear and this has again served the gradual introduction of the 5D awareness to the masses. There has been anger, frustration and conflict with self and others and again this serves you in discovering what is important for your souls’ journey in this lifetime. 
Your world exists in polarity but this shift aims to unite. As a metaphor I remind you that light and dark are connected and you see this in the Yin and Yang symbol where you find the light in the dark and the dark in the light. They are perpetually flowing into one another and always exist together. Your awareness of polarity has grown so that you can see that despite the different qualities you and others have that you are always complimentary. The opposing forces are synchronised and in balance in 5D consciousness and you are gradually bringing this into 3D living. How can you be inclusive and yet exclusive at the same time? How can you be independent and yet recognise the requirement for comrades and companions? 
Those of you questioning your 3D lifepath choices might come to realise that you are upgrading and that you are not required to quit but that you are to be open and flexible to changes. No-thing you have done is wasted and all has a purpose bringing you to where you are now. 
We emphasise that awareness of maintaining the fine balance of doing and being, giving and receiving, exerting, and resting is key to integrating the souls’ desires and needs into your 3D world. 
In service, 
This message was channelled through Kelly Peacey on 16/6/21. 
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