For spiritually and psychically opening-up. 
Angelite is a crystal for stimulating a higher awareness and for developing higher expression and communication. It’s calming angelic like qualities lull you into a safe zone to let go of fear and doubt that would usually prevent you from spiritually opening up. It induces tranquillity and faith in you and your spiritual connection. 
Touted by crystal enthusiasts as a “high vibrational stone” it is believed to support dream recall, telepathy and all spiritual and psychic endeavours including meditation and channelling.  
Calming for the emotional body it may prove beneficial when compassion, acceptance or forgiveness are required.  
Physically, Angelite is often used by crystal therapists for balancing the thyroid, parathyroid, thymus and the heart. Due to its formation, it may also be beneficial for supporting healthy bone density and balance fluids in the body.  
Angelite is also referred to as blue anhydrite, and was discovered in 1987 in Peru although can be found in many other places now. The name Ahnydrite comes from the Greek Anhydras, meaning "without water". The crystals are formed in places where gypsum stones had previously been in contact with water. Over millions of years the water evaporates and the rock is compressed to give us this milky blue grey opaque stone. 
Do not place this crystal in water because it will absorb it or leave out in the sun which will cause it to fade. It is also very soft and susceptible to scratches. 
Colour: Pale milky blue 
Chakras: Primarily throat, brow and crown 
Crystal system: Orthorhombic 
Chemical Composition: CaSO4 Calcium Sulphate 
Hardness: 3 - 3.5 Mohs 
These specimens are from The Lodestone in Bourton-on-the-Water and it’s well worth visiting as they have a vast array of different crystals and mineral specimens. 
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