With tonight’s full moon in Capricorn at 7.39 pm BST you are called to take stock of where you are. You may well feel like the Capricorn mountain goat, stood halfway up and looking up questioning if it’s the right mountain or whether you’d prefer to take a different route. 
Although Capricorn is a cardinal sign and is ambitious, we have been bathed in mutable energy of late and it is wise to weigh up your options and steer clear of stubborn rigid tendencies. If you allow it, Capricorn lends you its logical, rational, and clear-headed awareness so that you can adjust your route. 
Think carefully what do you want to achieve? With this axis being a Capricorn and Cancer polarity check you must consider the feelings of others in particular your family and close ones. Both Capricorn and Cancer want security. Capricorn wants financial security and recognition of achievements and Cancer wants emotional security. How can you balance your needs to strive onwards and upwards and maintain your intuitive, nurturing qualities and keep a safe and loving home environment? 
Thankfully with the moon sextile to Jupiter in Pisces this may add a spiritual supportive element. Jupiter lends positivity and faith and this sextile further heightens your already full moon amplified intuition. Pisces offers the resource of spiritual expansion which could prove beneficial if you want to call upon your higher spirit guide team for guidance and support and to see the bigger picture. 

Typical Capricorn crystals are: 

Ruby (energising) 
Tigers Eye (will, courage and self-esteem) 
Onyx (awareness of responsibility) 
Black Tourmaline (grounding and shielding) 
Green Tourmaline (maintaining physical and mental balance) 
Smoky quartz (dissolving fear and doubt)  
Aragonite (supporting maturity and wisdom) 
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