Are you feeling more thoughtful, reflective and aware of your psychological make-up? Have you been feeling more psychically sensitive, more emotional and super tired? 
Many are experiencing exaggerated aches and pains in the lower back, hips, neck and shoulders. On a mind body connection we could surmise this relates to carry burdensome energy and feeling unsupported and/or unable to let go of roles and responsibilities. Many are also sharing they feel like they are purging on a physical and emotional level, and are left exhausted and rung out and asking why? 
On a 3D level we are at a point in human history again experiencing great turmoil and disruption to what makes us feel safe. Life as we knew it is falling away. We are looking out into future and finally recognising that we have to individually and collectively “pull our socks up” and get on with rebuilding something that is more sustainable, more ethically aligned with our moral compass, fair and respectful of others. It’s time to act like a grown up and take care of ourself. 
The governments are not in the same reality as you. They remain in the old world, based on top down authority that desires power and control over everything. It is our responsibility to create the reality we want. Please don’t rely on the old constitutions to create something new. Centralised governing authorities have had their day and some have sadly taken advantage of their positions and exploited our trust with poor leadership, that filled their pockets, and allowed them to look after their own interests. You can be forgiven for not defending basic human rights because you were scared but… never forget what has happened because they would do it again and they will if you allow them to! They do NOT care about you, your families, nature or Earth. We are NOT the same as them and we must stop participating in their pretend civilised fair society. 
We must come back to our foundations and they are our families, friends, land with simplified natural lifestyles that align with our own integrity. How can we reunite as communities once again and create our own self-sufficient sustainable resources… food, energy, healthcare. 
On a 5D level we are immersed in timely higher galactic frequencies that are guiding and supporting us in this journey. Your soul is 100% committed to evolving and you have a role and a purpose in this time. These roles are not about glory for the ego like we have seen in the old world. These new roles will simply feel like the right course of action. I understand many are impatient and want the pathway to be clearer. We have to accept that it won’t be completely laid out for us or made clearer until we start to personally make the decision and changes in our own lives. Our life is our responsibility. Do not give your autonomy and power away and likewise know it is not your role to save others or convert them to your views or way of life. Everyone must take responsibility for themselves and find their own way. 
Now is a time to become resourceful with your energy. Your vitality is best used in ways that are aligned with your unfurling roles. Listen to your body wisdom, it is your soul's vehicle and will tell you when it needs rest, sustenance, detoxing, companionship, solitude and much more. It is a reflection of nature's cycles and tells you when things are in balance and out of balance so that we don’t require outside authorities to tell us what we should be doing. It’s time to become our own authority that is centred in the heart. 
All of this takes time, it is an organic process. Step by step, moment by moment we are making great leaps in consciousness. 
Love always, 
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