Some are feeling outraged at the universe and life for putting them in such a tricky situation. 
Imagine if you will that if I told you 10 years ago that in a first world country, most of society would struggle to pay for basic living requirements and that the cost of living will continue to creep up making it impossible to pay your bills and eat nutritiously. 
That 3D living would be unbearably tense at times and yet meanwhile you're still noticing the subtle signs that it is all ok on a higher level. 
These signs are felt and experienced internally but also witnessed and experienced externally with random synchronicities occurring and messages from the universe (or your soul) by way of numbers, timely songs on the radio, dreams, signs from nature like feathers, animals, stones, trees, plants and insects all symbolically telling you something deep and meaningful in that moment and offering comfort and guidance. 
Meanwhile you are experiencing setbacks, delays, blocks and restrictions that are preventing you to get on with things and yet you understand that there is a higher reason for this too and that you might need to practise patience or reevaluate your plans, park your hopes and dreams, be happy living with less and having less freedom and carrying more responsibility due to your ever expanding awareness and empathy. 
You might question what kind of a psycho soul or creator would choose this and then remember the concept that hardship reveals hidden strength and develops wisdom which temporarily appeases the frustration... just another initiation! 
The mind and psyche is stretched beyond its normal capacity, overwhelmed with information both higher dimensional and with the bombardment of msm, social media and dependence on technology, the heart is being forced to awaken on many levels and consider everyone and everything, humanity is divided more than ever both economically and in opposing beliefs of right-doing and wrongdoing. 
You've made sacrifices to be more in alignment with you or you've over-compromised to suit the needs of others and yet no matter what you do you feel judged. Some decisions were right and some were wrong, you growingly doubt yourself, your self-esteem dips and then your dog or cat gives you some love and affection and it all falls away. 
Yes, it can be f**king insane sometimes with all the emotional distractions and feel like what's the point of it all. The point is you are here and you are doing this now. Make now count and just do the best you can, even if it's just having a quick nap, ignore the mobile messages... just do your best and quit being a tyrant to yourself. Tomorrow is another day and offers a different experience - you might have more energy, more clarity, be more inspired or be more confident... 
Just keep showing up and know that for this moment you have got this! Your integrity, presence and participation are important to so many. You are not less spiritual for having a shi**y day. You won't die if your house is a mess, or you don't immediately answer a text message and so what if people judge you - you will never please anyone all the time. Just do your best in this moment. 
With love and humour, 
Kelly x 

Current Energies: Spiritual Frustration. Crystal Healing Cotswolds 

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