On Saturday 30th April we have the partial solar eclipse and new moon in Taurus setting the tone for not just the next lunar cycle but also the next 6 months. In the next two weeks we must navigate through the eclipse portal between this solar eclipse opposing the South Node in Scorpio (this weekend) and the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on 16th May, fully opposing and activating the North Node in Taurus. The period between eclipses is always an eerie and strange time of confusion and I recommend keeping yourself firmly planted on the Earth with regular grounding and mindfulness. 
The moon in Taurus is exalted, meaning our feelings enjoy the slower and more indulgent pace of the chilled-out Taurus vibes. But because this is a solar eclipse opposing the South Node in Scorpio we are being physically and psychologically prepped for the coming months that involve shedding layers of attachment on every level. This transforming portal sets us on our path towards facing our fears and exposing the shadow to see what lies beneath them, only to rise like the Phoenix which is a Scorpio archetype. 
The axis of Taurus and Scorpio is about attachment and the nodal axis of this pair is about to be fully activated and steer our destiny. On a lower-level Taurus desires earthly, physical, and financial wealth for security, dislikes letting go and changes of any type whilst Scorpio deeply desires emotional and mental security and has some hidden ‘stuff’ it would rather not like to bring up to the light. Basically, both prefer to maintain safety and security. 
This eclipse at 10 degrees, is very close to Uranus currently in Taurus at 14 degrees. Uranus has been in Taurus shaking things up since 2018. Uranus in Taurus is generally an unwelcome visitor and represents sudden changes to what we value! Already we have had to re-evaluate what's important throughout the pandemic crisis. Freedom and being with loved ones, maintaining a stable income were all limited and there was global health fear of contracting the believed deadly lurgy. Now, the presence of Uranus here next to the solar eclipse causes us to be more aware of changes to our climate, resources, agriculture, currency, and wealth. Ultimately, Taurus asks us to practice self-reliance and expand our capacity to rebuild and renew. 
At the same time the new moon is in a supportive sextile to Mars in Pisces. Pisces is expanded consciousness, interconnection, intuition and creativity and whilst Mars isn't naturally at home here, it does mean that the inner warrior may receive some higher spiritual insights and solutions for situations that arise. 
Sensuality and pleasure are supported during this lunar cycle because the moon's depositor is Venus - the ruling planet of Taurus and lesser benefic which conjuncts the greater benefic - Jupiter which magnifies EVERYTHING? Many astrologers suggest good fortune and life flowing with little effort when these two are together, but I prefer to remain grounded and rather like astrologer Rick Levines quote, "Too much of a good thing is sometimes not a good thing," and this suggests the temptation to over-indulge. 
With so many planets in Pisces we have become over-sensitive on an emotional and psychic level and empaths struggle at the best of times! You much use all the necessary tools to cleanse, ground and shield often. 
My general advice for the coming month and next six months is to be like the bull... 
Slow down 
Connect with nature 
Simplify your life 
Strive towards independency 
Get creative 
Create and develop new resources 
Be in the 'now' 
Be gentle with yourself and others 
Step away from unnecessary drama 
Nurture your relationships 
Network in your community 
My favourite Taurus stone is Rose Quartz which helps us to feel safe in accepting and valuing ourselves without the need for others' approval. Its gentle energy is like a blanket of love that comforts and soothes the heart during unsettled times. 
Remember new moons are a time for manifestation and sowing the seeds of intention, so think about what qualities and experiences you would like to develop in the coming months? 
I have recorded a channelled healing meditation for members for this coming eclipse period called "Soul Support with Rose Quartz". Monthly membership is £4.97 per month and gives you access to a library of spiritual development meditations 24/7. 
End note… 
What is a partial solar eclipse? 
This is when the Moon comes between the Sun and Earth and partially covers the Sun and blocks the light. Many traditions practise cleansing and protection rituals in preparation for eclipses. 
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