The Annular Solar Eclipse is on June 10th at 11:52 am UK time. It is a North Node Eclipse and steers us towards our destiny and suggests new beginnings. Eclipse energy normally influences humanity for a good 6 months and so it’s always worth being aware of what is taking place on the day. 
Mercury is retrograde and is conjunct the Sun and the Moon on the Eclipse. Mercury rules Gemini and this means Mercury’s influence will be stronger. Mercury and Gemini both have lively, generous communication qualities and it could suggest important information is being shared and so it is wise to keep an open mind and not mentally close off to new information. 
Thinking and processing information during a Mercury Retrograde can be a little slower and typically things seem to get messed up, forgotten, misunderstood, or misinterpreted – this gives us the valuable time and space to also slow down and take stock of things. 
You may be more aware of beliefs and shadow qualities have been preventing you getting on with your life? With Geminis being an air sign and mutable, your mind is seriously activated and it may be a good idea to write ideas, insights, and creative solutions down in the run up to the Solar Eclipse. This may prove helpful as the Sun, Moon and Mercury are all squared by Neptune in Pisces and so total clarity may elude you and it is important to stay grounded.  
With Jupiter magnifying the Pisces you may feel like there is just too much going on and want to run and hide as your left brain and right brain struggle to function together and get to the bottom of what is truth. I feel very strongly this could be alleviated by spending time in nature and focus on maintaining your connection to your heart centre so you can really make sense for yourself what is right for you. 
The Gemini influence could also make you aware of the choices you have. In fact, you have a choice in every moment as to what you are doing and what you are thinking. Gemini reminds of polarisation and opposition and we are certainly seeing a lot of this currently. Opinions have never been so heated and Mars in Cancer is uncomfortable for the warrior not knowing how to cope with feelings of vulnerability. For some this could call you to do some inner child healing. 
With the awareness of more choice and it’s vitally important you use this to your advantage and for the greater good of All.  
You can choose to feel a victim or vengeful or any other negative persona or you can choose to find peace within. You cannot control the world around you but you can change the world within you and this will help create subtle boundaries and be the new informational field for what you wish to create. 
Only a few days later we have the 2nd square between Saturn and Uranus, Saturn wants to maintain control and order and Uranus wants freedom. This is the theme for 2021 as the first one was in February and a third one takes place in December.  
In February we were in lockdown, I seriously hope this does not imply more restrictions. Saturn is the old paradigm and Uranus is the new so it could also imply a surprise development. 
We also look forward to the Solstice and the longest day of the year. The solar energy is potent and you like nature are receiving the strong life-giving rays currently. Get out and be sociable in long days and allow the light of the sun to illuminate what is really taking place and guide you. 
I recommend keeping a piece of citrine on you for this Solar Eclipse. Citrine is an uplifting, energising and enlightening stone and is perfect for developing an optimistic outlook and energising your intentions.  
Simply keep it on you. Alternatively, you can place it on the Solar Plexus and imagine it drawing the power and light of the sun into you and dissolving all stagnant or discordant energy and finally and see yourself glowing like the sun. 
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