This month’s full moon is in super sensitive Cancer.  
Cancer is a cardinal water sign and so feelings are just beneath the surface and may stir emotional reactions in you and others. Cancer has motherly energy and so there is potential that we all develop the nurturing, intuitive and reflective qualities which could prove beneficial for the inner child and to reflect on the past. 
The full moon opposes the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn adding further intensity and the moon is square to Eris known for defending and if necessary, attacking. Are our boundaries being tested? Is it time to say enough is enough? 
We must not feel disheartened by all this tension as it is a feeling that reminds us we have an opportunity to breakthrough and transform something. 
With Cancer representing the home and emotional security this full moon may put stress on maintaining harmony in the home especially with Mercury currently retrograding reminding us to be extra careful handling communication. Mercury is known for being a trickster and mistakes and misunderstanding can occur but don’t let that stop you – just remember to take everything in your stride. 
With Jupiter in Pisces, we can open our minds and heart to what could be! Dreaming and exploring possibilities is at an all-time high although we must keep our feet on the ground. 
Uranus turns direct in Taurus on Tuesday 18th January and this revolutionary is sure to bring some surprises to shake things up. 
I will be working with Mangano Calcite for emotional support and Labradorite to support healthy energetic boundaries. What will you be working with? 
Full Moon blessings to you all. 
Love always 
Kelly x 
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