In the northern hemisphere January is cold and the days are short although they are slowly getting longer.  
Like the rest of nature, we should be hibernating and reserving our energy but instead we continue to work the same hours as we do all year round and we get gnarly, irritable and frustrated that we lack the motivation and necessary energy to get on with things. 
My January stone recommendation is undoubtedly Garnet. Its warmth and glow supply copious waves of passion, surprising enthusiasm and regenerates and restores vitality. Traditionally it was considered a warrior’s stone and used as a talisman. 
Garnet is a stone for love, success and good for business as it boosts confidence and charisma. Physically it is believed to support the blood, lungs, heart and metabolism. It is a sexy little stone widely used to increase one’s libido. 
There are many forms of Garnet, including almandine, spessartine, tsavorite, hessonite, uvarovite, pyrope, andradite and demantoid. 
Crystal group – Silicates 
Crystal form - dodecahedrons and trapezohedrons 
Hardness: 6.5-7.5 Mohs 
Chakras - Base Chakra, Heart Chakra 
Birthstone - Capricorn and Aquarius 
Planet - Mars 
Element - Fire 
Colour – red, green, orange, yellow, brown and black 
You don’t have to keep garnet on you but you can infuse its energy into water by placing some in a small, sealed glass jar that you then place in a big glass jug of water. Leave on a windowsill overnight under the full moon and sip the next day. 
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