In 2022… 
May we all come to love life and appreciate life in all forms. 
May we all recognise ourselves in others and on the world stage. 
May we all be mindful and responsible for our thoughts, feelings and actions. 
May we all find our soul/heart passion and share it in confidence. 
May we all find our voice that is guided by love, compassion and honesty. 
May we all learn to listen to others without prejudice, judgement and fear. 
May we all reconnect to nature and relearn Earth's wisdom and nature's way. 
May we all see the stars above as stars within our own DNA and know in our hearts all life is eternal and infinitely connected. 
May we all strive for balance and equality. 
May we all value and respect individuality. 
May we all live in peace and value one’s rights. 
May we all be open and willing to learn from each other. 
May we all find the courage to follow our hearts. 
May we all appreciate the importance of rest, recuperation and privacy. 
May we all honour the importance of every human's needs to be social and playful as a matter of health. 
May we all find peace with the past. 
May we all be peace. 
Love always 
Kelly x 
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