People will always disagree with you and with one another, as this is the way they (and you) grow and learn. You will be surprised though to discover that people do not learn from what you say but rather from what you do and how you make them feel. 
Your words fall on closed ears if they are not speaking the same language and set of values and beliefs as your own. This can be frustrating but it is not your responsibility to convince or awaken others and it only compromises the quality of your energy field and thus the clarity of your consciousness.  
You must understand that on a higher level their soul has chosen a different path to your own. Now may not be their time to learn what you consider to be truth and that is because truth comes from living and learning as you go. Truths are subjective from your own experiences and so no one individual can have the exact same set of beliefs and truths as another even amongst those who are part of an organised religion. 
As individuals you are creators and supported by the Divine Source to be true to you and therefor unique and different. And yet you’ve learned to judge others as being either a greater or lesser version of right. Being right does not necessarily mean everything and everyone must be the same. If every colour were the same your world would be bland. 
This is a metaphor for you to ponder - by different colour frequencies blending their different qualities they create an integrating bridge of new colour frequencies. This is you and others coming together. There is nothing “not right” about them nor you – you are simply different, having had different experiences. The colour frequency does not intentionally drown out the other colour frequency. The colours collaborate. 
Thankfully with the moon sextile to Jupiter in Pisces this may add a spiritual supportive element. Jupiter lends positivity and faith and this sextile further heightens your already full moon amplified intuition. Pisces offers the resource of spiritual expansion which could prove beneficial if you want to call upon your higher spirit guide team for guidance and support and to see the bigger picture. 
Being different is a gift you must learn to accept, embody, and live by. 
And celebrating diversity rather than conformity, “blandness” or fighting by force of power only creates greater divide, opposition, conflict, discord, and disharmony. 
The Divine Source and your Souls want to show you and the world that you can have harmony even with different beliefs and qualities. Each one of you Is a unique beautiful colour and as you dance through life you create a portrait of what is human existence. 
Acknowledging differences as blessings rather than judging as inconveniences may change the way you see life and those around you. 
Rather than attempting to overpower or control another to fit your views you can simply acknowledge their right to free will and that their soul has something different to experience than that of your own. 
Their lack of tolerance and acceptance of you being different may grate your ego but remember your integrity to live true to your heart and soul. Lead by example, treating others as you wish to be treated. 
Create healthy boundaries in relationships – bullying and manipulation are unacceptable from either side. 
Do not let any fight, battle or war become an obsession that dominates your life or the life of those around you – it is just one story in your life journey. 
Remember, only your own opinion of you and how you live your life is important. Everyone else’s opinion of you reflects themselves. 
Get on and live your life with your chosen values and let others do the same and maybe one day you can both recognise each other version of “right” which is a personal matter of perspective. 
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