Mini Energy Update – 2nd Full Moon in Aquarius 
We have another Full Moon in Aquarius at 1pm in the UK on Sunday 22nd August. This is considered a blue moon because it is the second Full Moon in single zodiac sign. The first Full Moon was a 1 degree of Aquarius on 24th July and this Full Moon is at the 29th degree of Aquarius and is conjunct Jupiter. 
I want to start by addressing what influence the 29th degree might have and then discuss the relevance of a blue moon. 
The 29th degree is often called an Anaretic degrees meaning it is the final degree of an astrological sign, this signals the potential for of urgency and crisis. With two Full Moons in the same sign indicate a time when we build on the topics of the first Full Moon. 
The second Blue Moon is super charged by the sign it is in, that being Aquarius and so there is a surge of feelings and impulses surrounding freedom, equality, social responsibility, humanitarianism, and community. 
Jupiter also in Aquarius may further exaggerate the effects of this Full Moon and the influence from Aquarius.  
Jupiter is often regarded as benevolent bringing in opportunities and optimism but it is retrograde and revisiting much of the event in the early months of this year all of which may prove helpful for realigning your inner compass for the future. 
Aquarius is the humanitarian always looking to improve the future. It is also emotionally cool, logical and seeks the truth. 
Jupiter now retrograding in Aquarius and next to the Full Moon might bring revelations of hidden truths and justice. 
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