Energy Influences in the first half of February 2022... 
We have a New Moon on 1st February at 9.46 am in Aquarius providing an opportunity to really consider doing something different in the future and be open to new ideas and looking at things in a different way. 
The New Moon is conjunct Saturn and square to Uranus. The Saturn square with Uranus has caused much of the energy shifts we felt in 2021 around the tug of war forces of; desire for freedom and authority-imposed restrictions. We may feel this being poked at again in this lunar cycle on a personal emotional level impacting on our sense of security and safety. But what it does hint at is that there are further changes afoot and even the potential for a big u-turn! 
We are on the other side of the Venus retrograde which completed on 29th January, and we are almost out of Mercury’s, which stations on 4th February – let’s be honest, January has been a tough month but at least with some forward movement of these two personal planets we might see some progress and development in our personal life in relationships. I can’t tell you how many email correspondences have gone missing and my car issues that I am jokingly blaming Mercury for and the underlying feeling of ‘leave me alone’ which I am jokingly blaming on Venus! He he, it's always easier to blame a planet in retrograde than take personal responsibility. On a higher level everything serves a purpose and provides us with personal insights. 
On 6th February Mars in Capricorn squares Chiron in Aries. This may bring up some old wounds that are just reminding you they are there and can be transformed with gentleness, love and forgiveness. 
On 11th February Mercury conjoined Pluto heralds an empowering breakdown/breakthrough. This conjunction has brewed for a couple of weeks and could finally bring to light how it is our denial of our personal shadow and need for control that is preventing us from spiritual and personal growth. 
On the same day the Full Moon in Leo (16th February) we have Mars and Venus conjunct in Capricorn. This is a powerful day that encourages us to be true to our heart and shine our authentic and sovereign light and not allow our ego to get in the way. 
New Moons are always a time to sow new seeds of intention. I recommend working with Aquamarine, a stone that brings mental clarity in the midst of emotional stimuli as it calms the mind. Many believe Aquamarine facilitates a connection to one’s own higher wisdom and higher awareness that helps one to see beyond self-defeating programs, take responsibility and support truthful communication. 
Chemical composition – Aluminium beryllium silicate 
Crystal structure – Hexagonal/trigonal 
Hardness – 7.5 Moh scale 
Chakra – Throat 
Physical association – throat, thyroid, pituitary, eyes, teeth, jaw, stomach and immune support. 
Traditionally it has been used as a talisman for sailors who believe it will prevent them drowning in stormy waters – perhaps it might help us in February to keep our head above the emotional riptides! 
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