New Moon in Cancer – Sensitive times! 
Every New Moon is a great time to birth something new into your reality because the Moon starts its new lunar cycle conjunct the Sun. This new moon is in super sensitive Cancer. The energy qualities of Cancer are not dissimilar to the nature of the crab.  
The shell protects the crabs’ vulnerable insides and it might be that this lunar cycle sees you needing to withdraw your energy when you feel vulnerable or threatened by others. However, the Cancerian induced sensitivity can be a beautiful time to nurture yourself and others as that hidden inner tenderness ultimately wants to be shared with family and loved ones you can trust and rely on. 
The part of the body associated with Cancer is the stomach and this hollow sack is where you process your food. It is here that you break down your food with enzymes, stomach acid and bile and make chyme which makes the nutrients more absorbable ready for the small intestine.  
I share this with you as a metaphor as processing food is not dissimilar to how you process experiences in life. It takes time and this lunar cycle encourages you to be patient with yourself and make sure you are meeting your own needs for selflove and selfcare. 
This new moon occurred on Saturday 10th July at 2:16 am BST and it had some interesting interactions with other planets. It trines Neptune and it opposes Pluto. The opposition to Pluto in Capricorn tells us that you can expect some power play and challenges to your will.  
Pluto wants to transform, deconstruct, let go of or destroy and so this new moon has elements of Death and Rebirth. Thankfully, the new moon's trine to Neptune in Pisces may urge you to naturally connect and align with the All That Is and trust the unfolding bigger unknown picture. 
Neptune is the God of the sea; Pisces is the Ocean of Consciousness. Going inside and withdrawing your physical presence to reconnect and find your puzzle piece in the enormous puzzle of life may help you feel more emotionally safe. 
My guides have told me it is important for awakened ones (such as empaths, intuitives and healers) to exercise your energy body by doing energy workouts and to practise self-care during this lunar cycle. 
At first, I was a little alarmed, but on asking why, they added it is necessary to redefine your life path in this lunar cycle to prepare for what lies beyond… On reflecting this, I understand that we need to feel emotional security and yet it is likely that more frustrations and challenges lie ahead as we are on the precipice of global change especially with Uranus in Taurus squaring Saturn much of 2021. 
As empaths and sensitives, you feel the disharmony in others and in the collective which adds to your own. 
Knowing what yours is and what is others is vital for navigating your true highest path of service to your soul and your path. 
I was later given an affirmation for staying true to your highest path (see below): 
“I now, consciously choose to align completely and wholly align with my true nature that is infinite source expressing in this human form. By doing this I also consciously choose to fulfil my highest life mission whilst in this human form by becoming more aware of what my soul and the Divine Source wills me to Be, Do and to share with myself and others. I am safe and secure. I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM.” 
Many have felt tired and lethargic of late, and this might well be the aftershock of the x-class solar flare last Monday. 
When the sun spits out high frequency solar winds towards the earth at this level (X being the largest), you can expect agitation and tiredness as you struggle to integrate this mammoth pouring of electrical light and energy. 
On such occasions it is important to drink plenty of water, listen to your body’s needs and ground with nature where possible. 
A couple of days after the Mercury enters Cancer. Mercury is communicative and yet the energies of Cancer are private, introspective, and sentimental over the past. This suggests a reflective period of looking inward all extremely helpful if individually humanity is to redefine your life path. 
Mars and Venus are dancing together in Leo the Lion. The magnetism between these two is intense and they have a special potent creativity when conjunct in Leo on 13th July. You may feel your creative juices flow and I recommend riding that wave to see where it takes you. 
I recommend working with the following crystals for this New Moon in Cancer and for this lunar cycle. 
Rose Quartz - to acknowledge your right to your own love and acceptance and to be kind and gentle to yourself and others. 
Carnelian - to tap into the impulsive creative solutions and let them take shape and form through you. Carnelian is also motivating and stirs confidence in expressing feeling with others. 
I further recommend invoking the support and guidance of Quan Yin the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy who is often considered a Moon Goddess.  
Working with Quan Yin, ask her to help you embrace and embody compassion, acceptance and forgiveness towards yourself and others, and to let go of all toxic feelings (bitterness, resentment, discomfort, anger, disappointment, guilt, shame, anxiety and sadness). 
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