Let’s be frank… it’s been tough these last few weeks. I know we’ve all been hoping the energies would lift but the burden of responsibility to do the ‘right thing’ is feeling heavier than ever and yet the desire to be left alone in silence with your own thoughts is also high ranking as an act of self-preservation and self-care right now. 
You may also feel more sensitive to noise, food and irritated by people being in or near your energy field and be more aware of your triggers being pushed. If you have this awareness, believe it or not it is a good thing especially if you are able to step back and reflect and “defrag” for a while. These symptoms are signs of energy overwhelm and the best solution is always where possible re-centre your consciousness and energy. Reflection is of huge importance over the remainder of this year. 
“Energy flows where your attention goes.” 
You may also notice you and others are complaining more. Perhaps it is physical aches and pains or maybe you are just generally fed up with life as it is and perceive life to be a continual struggle. I have caught myself doing this more and I hear my spirit guides saying, “Stop complaining.” This is not a command as your spirit guides should never tell you what to do but rather a reminder that complaining depreciates your life force. It also reinforces discordant beliefs like I am not good enough, or Nothing will improve or Life is hard amongst many others. Seek to find these beliefs as they are a root for your suffering. Do not feed them with negative thoughts and speech and if you catch yourself doing it, simply forgive yourself by reminding yourself they are only a possibility that you have programmed yourself with and that you can consciously over time create a new program by intentionally stepping into improving you. 
With Uranus currently retrograde it is a good time to rewire and reprogram our nervous system. Below is my suggested affirmation as you get stuck into making practical changes. 
“Life mirrors my every thought and I now choose to create greater stability and harmony in my life by taking better care of myself and others." 
This New Moon is in the sign of Virgo bringing us back to Earth and our need to get things sorted properly in our life. No more avoiding the things you know you’ve got to change, it’s now or never. It is also in a tight square to Mars which is now in Gemini where it will stay for the next 6-7 months bringing more energy to the mental body. Mars in Gemini energises our thinking processes and although we may struggle to synchronise the left and right brain, I do hold faith that some clarity will prevail especially with so many planets in retrograde calling us to revisit the journey and the decisions that brought us to the present time especially with Uranus (great awakener) conjunct the North Node (destiny) in the sign of Taurus calling us to be more aware of personal and collective over-indulgence and apathetic nonchalance and take better care of what supports us… that being Earth, living naturally and community (Uranus rules Aquarius which is currently hosting Saturn in Retrograde opposing Venus in Leo). 
I am feeling called to the Jasper family and in particular the Red Jasper which strengthens the root chakra and supports determination. It is a stone that needs to be with you for longer periods of time as its subtle energy gently seeps into the densest and oldest parts of your consciousness held in the bones. Here it gradually dissolves negativity and increases your lifeforce. This common stone is recommended by crystal healing therapists to also detoxify the liver, circulatory system and blood. It is considered a grounding and protective crystal. 
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