We continue to swim in sensitive energy as we await the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune that are in the sign of Pisces. Pisces energy like all the zodiac signs has the potential for a lower expression of its archetypal qualities and a higher expression of its qualities. On the lower consciousness scale, we have victim-mentality, a desire for escapism, hyper-sensitivity, paranoia, and fickleness. Alternatively, if we tune into the higher awareness qualities of Pisces, we can embody tolerance, the heightened intuition and creativity and gracefully surrender to the tides of change knowing that ultimately all is guided. With our receptivity at an all-time high in April and with the ongoing chaos and confusion of what is going on around us and within us we are invited to practise active compassion and trust in the soul’s plan. 
Emotional sensitivity may spike at the New Moon in Aries on April 1st at 6:24am (GMT) because it is conjunct Chiron; the wounded healer, this challenges our self-esteem and we may question our capabilities. With Mercury also conjunct the New Moon our mental body and nervous system could be utilised actively with the Aries energy to transform these fears and doubts by communicating YOUR needs, as Aries energy impulsively drives us to put ourselves as the priority. 
The lower expression of Aries is selfishness and although we are usually told this is a bad attribute, it is important that we do take good care of ourselves so that we can fulfil the roles and responsibilities we do that support others. With the higher expression of Aries’ energy being proactive, passionate, enthusiastic, and pioneering we can really use this opportunistic time to move forward and make progress. Be aware of Aries’ other lower expressions that might appear in you and others that are egotistical, boastful and intolerance and remember active compassion as this expression of the Aries energy is very childlike and unaware of its repercussions. 
My intuitively selected crystals for the next couple of weeks are Blue Laced Agate for its calming and soothing qualities, that act like an anti-inflammatory on the emotional body helping us to graciously integrate the rapid changes in our energy field and Black Kyanite. For me Black Kyanites fanlike feathers are great for releasing fear and self-doubt and supports our overall purification and grounding, which will also help if you are struggling with the barrage of M-class solar flares Earth is having. If you are sensitive to solar flares, they can cause you to feel temporarily ungroundedness, irritable, fatigued or wired, have headaches and experience disturbed sleep patterns. 
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