Like all obsidian, snowflake obsidian is volcanic glass that has cooled super fast and it has little or no crystalline structure. It gets its beautiful appearance of what looks like snowflakes but are in fact the mineral cristobalite that have began the crystallisation process. 
Snowflake Obsidian helps one restore balance on every level of your being and in your life. The appearance of the black and white in this beauty personally reminds me of the Yin Yang symbol informing us of the necessity of polarisation in all life:- like hot and cold, dry and wet and light and dark and how these poles are infinitely connected and never separate but simply requiring balance. 
Due to its explosive formation and rapid cooling it is like all obsidians also a stone of transformation, although a little gentler due to the partial crystallisation of the cristobalite. It is a great ally when need to flow with life’s changes and start making decisions that will optimise your future. It helps by keeping you grounded and connected to your inner-self and your highest needs. It also subtly opens the brow chakra enabling expanded spiritual and psychic vision to see the bigger picture including the past that brought you to this point in life. 
Snowflake obsidian purifies the mind and gradually guides you to integrate the shadow, which is the part of you that has been abandoned and rejected. With every step of facing your personal fears you can step more and more in to your personal power. 
- Kelly Peacey 
These snowflake obsidian palm-stones can be found at The Lodestone in Bourton-on-the-Water. They feel sublime 😊 
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