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The Finding Light Membership is for those that want to raise their consciousness and be 'in the know'. 
"I am a Finding Light member of Kelly’s website and would like to say how much Kelly’s meditations, channelled messages and energy updates have helped (and continue to help) me. I use the meditations most days and they keep me balanced, well, happy and more capable of dealing with life’s ups and downs. The energy updates help me to understand that when I am not feeling good that I am not alone and other sensitives are feeling the same. 
Kelly is the most amazing healer. She has helped me so much. Thank you Kelly. 
S.H. (Cheltenham, UK) 
This membership aims to empower you by providing you with all that you need to navigate the current cosmic energies and challenges they may bring. 
It contains within it a growing library of 60+ recorded Channelled Healing Meditations working with the angels, ascended masters, sacred geometry, astrology, the rays and much more. 
They are all aimed at aspects of personal development, spiritual growth, finding peace, multidimensional energy alignments, spiritual hygiene and integrating greater soul awareness. 
You have access to them all on demand! The Energy Update puts you in 'the know' about the cosmic, planetary and archetypal influences that are affecting you NOW! 
The Channelled Guidance Messages given from the higher realms, they aim to teach and guide. 
The Channelled Healing Meditations act as healing attunements, aligning your personal energy field with your Soul, the Divine Source and the new energies that raise your consciousness and enhance your spiritual evolution. 

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Only £4.97 per month 
Gain access to Kelly's enormous library of channelled healing meditations, channelled guidance messages and energy updates. 
Regularly updated with new and timely: 
Latest Live Recorded Channelled Healing Meditations 
Access to full archive library of meditations 

Annual Membership 

Only £49.70 per year 
Pay upfront for a 12 month subscription and get 2 months free! 
Gain access to Kelly's enormous library, regularly updated with new and timely posts: 
Latest Live Recorded Channelled Healing Meditations 
Access to full archive library of meditations 

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