Local Community Groups 

Friends Finding Light 

The emphasis of these groups is on developing Spiritual Awareness and includes discussion about current 'energy reaction symptoms’ between the attending group members. 
Often there are channelled teachings through CHCSA Principal Kelly Peacey that are applicable to the group. Kelly always channels a meditation that aims to heal and integrate the shifting cosmic energies. 
Occasionally the group members are asked to participate in an intuitive/psychic development task, however, this is not the main focus and so no pressure is placed upon individuals. 
All our Friends Finding Light groups are open to all areas of spirituality from the many different sources of wisdom teachings but has no religious bias. Beliefs are seen as highly personal and everyone is open hearted and open minded in respecting other members' beliefs. 
There is no experience needed in anything other than a desire to explore yourself and your connection to life. The groups bring profound understanding to the members on many issues of their life experiences and the meaning and purpose of life. 
Members feel the benefit of doing the channelled healing alignments and meditations which deepen their connection, resulting in healing and inner peace. Members often describe how it has increased and expanded their self-awareness, allowing them to feel interconnected and supported by the Universe as a whole. 

Summary of what do we do at Friends Finding Light groups 

Aimed at developing 'Spiritual' awareness: 
We discuss and explore cosmic influences and how they are affecting us as Sensitives. 
We explore higher states of consciousness to create a stronger link to our Soul. 
We meditate, laugh, share, and honour one another's Light and Truth. 

Friends Finding Light in Tewkesbury 

Tewkesbury’s Friends Finding Group has been running now for over 9 years and is situated right in the centre of Tewkesbury town. 
It is located in a member's spacious home which is found just off one of Tewkesbury’s many alleys. 
You can expect a warm and welcoming experience at Tewkesbury FFL Group that includes tea, coffee and cake. 
Tewkesbury FFL is fortnightly on Monday evenings – 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm 
So that means that everything we do affects the whole. We are all reliant on a balance in Nature and the Universe in order to thrive. This ‘energy’ is regarded by many philosophers and mystics as consciousness and with the atom being 99% space, this contention is likely to be right. 
So as humans composed of atoms we are not solid at all. In fact most of us are empty space! WOAH!! 
Dr Masaru Emoto, who was a Japanese scientist and author, performed a series of experiments observing the physical effects of words, prayers, music and environment on the crystalline structure of water. His conclusions confirmed that we can change the subatomic structure of water by words, prayers, music and environment. 
Humans are at least 60% water, which raises the question: what are our thoughts and intentions doing to ourselves and others? And what effects are they having on other matter besides water? 

Friends Finding Light in Cheltenham 

The Cheltenham Friends Finding Light Group has been running since September 2016 and is a dynamic and interactive group offering the chance to connect with others and importantly to connect to that deeper part of you that helps you to make sense of life. We explore all things "Spiritual" and share a group meditation. 
We always welcome newcomers. 
2020 dates for the Cheltenham FFL Group 
(Mostly these are fortnightly Tuesdays but there are a few that are not) 
January – 7th, 21st 
February – 4th, 25th 
March – 10th, 24th 
Due to Covid-19 meetings were halted: 
October – 13th, 27th 
November – 10th, 24th 
December – 1st, 15th 
7.30pm to 9.30pm 
Includes tea, coffee, biscuits and cakes. 
Essential Space, Alleyne Lodge, Knapp Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 3QH (next door to the RSPCA). 

If you are interested in joining either of these groups... 

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