Training Courses 

Crystal Healing Therapist Training is broken down into Year 1 Certificate and Year 2 Diploma 
Training to become a crystal healing therapist doesn’t just enable you to become a skilled practitioner but is an opportunity to grow and learn as you apply all the techniques and theory to yourself, class members and your case studies. Every part of the journey is valuable as align your energies with skill, clears blocks and apply techniques that empower you and those who will become your clients. 

Year 1 Certificate 

Year 1 Certificate is spread over 10 days and covers the core curriculum of ACHO Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations which includes the Foundation Level (in days 1 to 5) and the Certificate Level (in days 6 to 10). 
No prior knowledge of crystals or healing is required, and students are supported and assessed during their training. 
Assessments will include the completion of worksheets, case-studies, journals, practical assessments, a short thesis and a final evaluation interview. 
Success of completing and passing the assessment requirements enables you to join the practitioner register on the Affiliation of Crystal Healing and Organisations website. For year 1 you will have attained the Bronze and Silver logo status. 

Enrol for Year 1 Certificate 

Year 1 Certificate course covers the following subject matter and all training days must be attend. 
Understanding How Crystal Healing Works 
Care Of Your Crystals 
Personal Energy Maintenance & Spiritual Hygiene 
Connecting With Crystalline Intelligence 
Sensing Subtle Energies 
Dowsing for health 
Client Care 
Treatment Protocols 
Mind body theory 
Chakra Theory & Techniques 
Auric Layer Theory and Correctional Healing 
Crystal Grids & Layouts Applications (includes Sacred Geometry and symbolism theory) 
Distant/Remote Healing Theory and Techniques 
Vibrational Medicine Theory 
Making and preparing crystal water, essences and sprays 
Colour Infusion Crystal Therapy 
Meridian Theory and Techniques 
Crystal Energy Tapping 
Crystal Zone Therapy 
Crystal Neuro Re-Patterning 
Self-care for Therapists and Healers 
Managing Your Environment (Physically and Psychically) 
Business Basics, Record Keeping, Health and Safety, Risk Management 
Government Laws relating to practice 

Year 2 Diploma 

It is required that Year 1 training must have been fully attended to enrol for Year 2 which gently guides the practitioner into the Soul Level and beyond. 
Over 10 days of training you explore the following subjects matter that increases your tool box techniques and confidence to apply crystal healing therapy to a much deeper level. 
Assessments include journal entries, practical observations, case studies, thesis and tutor evaluation interview to ensure the required knowledge and experience has been attained. Please note every possible effort will be made for assessment to be inclusive and manageable for students to learn. For more information on the assessment process and possible adaptations please contact
Success of completing and passing the assessment requirements enables you to join the practitioner register on the Affiliation of Crystal Healing and Organisations website. For year 2 you will have attained the final gold logo status. 

Enrol for Year 2 Diploma 

The following subjects will be covered during the training course. 
Working with Master Crystals Theory and Practise (for personal development and in treatments) 
Discerning higher dimensional helpers and spiritual archetypes 
Archangel layouts and sigils 
Crystal divination (scrying, and crystallomancy) 
Spiritual Expansion and Clearing Crystal Layouts 
Crystal Healing with Platonic solids 
Crystal Healing with the Elements 
Inner child healing with crystals 
Universal Laws and how they relate to healing – to include the Hermetic Principles. 
Relationship issues 
Ancestral healing/transgenerational healing with crystals. 
Past life regression and healing with crystals 
Soul healing – retrieval, vows, contracts and attachments 
Shamanic tools, cosmology and techniques 
Healing with Crystal Labyrinths 
Astrology & planetary crystal healing techniques 
Skulls, dragons, crows and more 
Atlantis and Lemuria crystals and techniques for healing 
Using crystals for dream recall (self & clients) – connecting with the subconscious to understand blocks, record keeping 
Numerology consultations to help to identify client core issues quickly and healing techniques and layouts 
Pyramids Power, Merkaba Light Body Activations with crystals 
Harmonising electrostress with crystals 
Healing homes with crystals (geopathic stress: psychic stress: elemental and multidimensional peacekeeping) 
Leading group crystal healing work 
"Thank you so much to my amazing teacher, Kelly Peacey who guided me through the ACHO Foundation Level course in Crystal Healing Therapy. 
This was a completely transformational experience! I feel blessed to have been taught by such a wise and wonderful woman. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge of crystals and crystal healing. I had no idea how much this would change my life and what I want to do with it - maybe it will be the same for you!" 
C.W. (Gloucestershire, UK) 
September 2023 
"Kelly Peacey runs Cotswolds School of Crystal Healing and Awareness - CSCHA and hosts Kelly's Friends Finding Light Group!! 
I have taken part in her Crystal healing therapy course and have recently become qualified ✨ 
Her teaching is second to none and her knowledge of crystals and energy is so vast and beautiful like the cosmos we reside in! 
She is really a beacon of light and a wonderful mentor, welcoming anyone new who is looking to pursue their spiritual development. 
The Friends Finding Light Groups are a place to meet like-minded people and to experience wonderful healing meditations guided by Kelly herself. I have elevated and healed greatly at a rapid rate since meeting Kelly and the knowledge I now know, I apply to my everyday life to enable myself to find positivity and magick in all aspects of life. 
I definitely recommend signing up to her courses and webinars!" 
Z.J. (Gloucestershire, UK) 
August 2023 
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