What Is Crystal Healing? 

Crystal Healing Therapy is fast becoming known for its effects on the wellbeing and health of individuals. 

It is non-invasive and works alongside other treatments or as a stand-alone therapy. 
The aim of a crystal healing treatment is always to treat the whole person and to bring balance within the individual's subtle energies. 
A skilled therapist places intuitively chosen crystals that are laid on and around the clients. 
Then under the intuitive guidance of the crystals and sometimes higher dimensional helpers, they apply powerful healing techniques to crystalise the channelled healing energy. 
The client's body is gently reminded of its own connection to nature and spirit (‘All That Is’). 
By reinstating this connection and using other powerful crystal healing techniques, a natural recalibration often occurs that brings with it the benefits of conscious health and wellbeing. 

How can crystals facilitate in a healing session? 

Crystals absorb, focus, direct, detoxify, shift and diffuse energy as they interact with the electromagnetic forces and subtle energies within the human or environmental energy field. 
In fact, if it wasn’t for quartz, you wouldn’t have most of your electrical devices! 
In the 1940s, natural quartz was replaced with the silicon chip as a semiconductor because it was cheaper to make in a laboratory. 
A silicon chip uses purified and processed silica... Quartz is rich in silica! 
Quartz is regarded as the Master Healer and is used as an amplifier of the crystal healing therapists intentions. 
Many people remark how they know where the therapist is working in their body as they feel the subtle movement of energy in the form of internal and external jerks, twitches, heat, coldness, tingling etc. 
Sure, you could call this a placebo effect, but we recommend you look into what the placebo effect is before writing this off. 
Crystal healers also use a variety of crystals from all over the world. 
Some are rare and expensive but mostly the crystals are easy to get hold of at your local crystal shop and even at the odd museum or car boot sale. 
Many of the crystals are steeped in what you might consider are ‘old wives tales’ or superstition, and yet perhaps our elders knew a little more than we do now. 
We suggest that it could be that, by overly relying on orthodox medicine which is actually relatively modern in comparison (some 100 years old), we have disregarded the power of nature to heal us. 
After all, are we not nature? 
We regard crystals as alive, in that they are conscious co-creators. 
In taking thousands and sometimes millions of years to form and often under extreme temperature and pressure inside the body of the Earth, they have remarkably stable crystalline structures. 
Their consciousness is not like a human's, but is one of order and therefore has ‘qualities’. 
These qualities are passed on in a healing session to the client’s energy body. 
It is also worth considering that the colour frequency of the crystals may have a psychological effect on us. A great example of this would be Citrine; a clear crystal with a yellow tinge. Citrine is prescriptively used as a ‘pick me up’ as many find it mentally uplifting. Yellow can for some individuals encourage a more ‘sunny disposition’. 
Prescriptively, many crystal healing therapists use colour crystal correlation to harmonise the chakras and meridians. And in India a crystal healing therapist may look at a clients astrological natal chart and choose specific crystals with the right correlation of the specific planets to establish harmony in areas of the client's life (e.g.- health, relationships, career etc.) 
Illness is regarded as an interruption to the flow of subtle energies and the final manifestation of spiritual, environmental, physiological, psychological, emotional, mental, karmic, or ancestral imbalance. 
A crystal healing session aims to restore balance and wellbeing by correcting this flow of subtle energies. It can include techniques involving processes of clearing, transmuting, removing and replenishing the subtle energies. 
A Crystal Healing Therapist will never claim to cure you. However, many people come with different conditions, or simply to de-stress. 
"If you’re looking for House Healing and/or Distance Healing look no further. Kelly Peacey is amazing! Super supportive and professional, she involved me throughout and I had (and still have) the utmost confidence in her and her abilities. Ultimately, this is about the results and in both cases I couldn’t be more pleased. I have no hesitation in recommending her and would certainly contact her again should I need to. Kelly, you’re an absolute superstar!! Thanks again." 
A.T. (Worcestershire, UK) - 29/12/22 

Fascinated by crystals and their potential to bring health? 

Then why not train or have a session with a CSCHA-trained Crystal Healing Therapist? 
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