Everything in life must grow to its fullest potential and then gradually degenerate and diminish in vitality and resources. This is life and it is part of the unwavering universal laws that are completely inclusive of all. Naturally, most find the instability and fragility of one’s own existence uncomfortable and it induces uncertainty and fears about the future. 
We are currently experiencing a season change on many levels. Firstly, the most obvious we are experiencing the changes caused by our movement around the Sun taking us into Autumn. We witness trees losing their leaves and animals preparing to hibernate in the cold and the dark months of Winter. But we are also part of greater cosmic astronomical cycles that are stimulating cyclical astrological archetypes, and many recognise that we are in transition between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. Each “age” lasts approximately 2160 years and the release of one age and the birthing of another age is naturally disruptive. As we gradually teeter totter between the two ages, we are getting a feel for potential possibilities in the future but are also having to witness the decay of what is outworn and no longer sustainable on a personal, global and cosmic scale. 
Essentially, we are in the midst of an existential crisis as we witness the collapse of society and the old ideals of the monetary system, governments, big corporations, healthcare, climate, energy resources and how we manage personal and international relationships. What is our purpose? Why is this happening? How will we ever survive? The simplest answer is; we must adjust and realign with the inflow of new energy influences – there is no immediate solution but only trial and error. In the grand scheme of things humanity is a child of cosmic evolution and whilst some individuals are wiser due their soul progression and ability to anchor that higher awareness with its complimentary peace, others are simply self-absorbed in the me, my and mine mentality that is perpetuated by the fear driven brainwashing of lack and scarcity consciousness. 
Humanity cannot prevent cosmic cycles or outwit universal laws and allowing yourself to drown in fear and anxiety will not help you or anyone. We must change the way we think and feel about change, loss and death. Existential crises provide an opportunity to unearth unrealised talents that propel you to developing a greater feeling of purpose and able to express authenticity. Believe it or not change, loss and death make way for the new and you can imagine it as a glass of water coated in algae… it's no-good drinking it because it is likely to be detrimental to your wellbeing, so you need to empty the water out, clean the glass and put fresh, clean water in. 
Things to consider during this time are: 
Get comfortable with not knowing the future and taking a risk 
Be mindful of what archetypes you are playing – is it a beneficial or detrimental archetypal role you are enacting 
Don’t get too attached to the outcome or destination, allow the journey to unfold and evolve 
Recognise opportunity and don’t let fears stop you 
Let go of shame, pride and fear 
Acknowledge what you have 
Develop community 
Consider new ideas and concepts 
Find practical solutions to issues that take into consideration the effects on others. 
REMEMBER – that to have the awareness of an existential crisis whether personal or global brings the awareness of a lack of connection to heart and to others and are dysfunctional, and perhaps lacking integrity and transparency. It is a golden opportunity to grow on many levels. 
“Even through your hardest days, remember we are all made of stardust.” - Carl Sagan 
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