All crystals and gemstones that occur naturally within Mother Earth are healing stones, - meaning they energetically influence your energy field. Healing means simply to rebalance, realign, and restore the natural flow of subtle energy within to be "in-harmony". It does NOT mean to cure or fix. 

No matter if a crystal is chipped, cracked, or broken, they maintain the perfection they had from their original formation. This change to their appearance does NOT affect their internal structure and functional healing properties. The crystal's power and healing properties remain perfectly intact. 
Insisting on external beauty from a crystal, is externalizing your subconscious belief that you must be perfect to be loved and accepted by others. Look below surface appearances in all things to find the beauty and wisdom within. 
Energetically attune to your chipped, cracked or broken crystals to discover what inside you needs to receive your compassion, acceptance and forgiveness and let them show you how that is best done. 
Crystals are wisdom keepers and they impart that on you no matter whether you are conscious or not. 
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