Black Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral and is soft and brittle. It can be found in various parts of the world and typically appears as black or dark grey displaying its rhombic structure. The properties that make black calcite unique come from its high concentrations of manganese and iron-oxide impurities. 

Black calcite is an empowering friend and is often selected for its grounding and protection and I recommend it in times you feel emotionally vulnerable. The calcite family is a powerful cleanser of negative energetic blocks and known for restoring mental clarity and black calcite is supportive for transitioning between endings and beginnings and stepping into the unknown. 
Sometimes it is referred to as Master Shamanite which is a trademarked name to enhance its selling, however it does support some shamanic practises and is supportive for journeying, soul retrieval and connecting with the ancestors when one needs their guidance and strength. It is a powerful guide if you feel drawn to do ancestral healing or past life healing assisting in finding and transforming the root cause. 
I recommend doing the affirmation below and sleeping with it and keeping it close by. Cleanse it with highest white golden light directly from the Source of Creation and bless and thank it often for be a guide and supporting you in your process of personal transformation. 
I AM transforming all known and unknown core beliefs that resulted in me giving away my power and enabled low self-esteem to unfold. 
I now call my power back to be cleansed and integrated by the Divine Source Light of Truth. 
I AM now renewed, refreshed, balanced, whole and complete. 
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