You knew that this time would be immensely challenging and that your relationships and the fear that surrounds your relationships would be under scrutiny as the light of creation casts its shadow. 
When creation occurred it was planned that in separating into individualised sparks of creation that you would all recognise the pull of forces that would in time reconnect you to creation. It is through relationships that you see the light and dark. While you have learnt to project and judge in your human lifetime experiences there comes a soul urge to understand the purpose of life and step away from being the victim of unfortunate events to becoming the responsible ONE that has over millions of years knowingly and unknowingly danced with the Law of Cause and Effect. 
Many are suggesting that it is the veil now becoming thinner that is allowing you to become more conscious of hidden goings on and yet still the learnt human default is to project fear into the unknown or at another. You are reminded now that it is not that the veil is thinner but that the cosmic influences are supporting you in awakening by activating your dormant DNA which correlates to the Law of Cause and Effect and cyclical events. 
At this time your relationships are under the spotlight because it is for you to see beyond judgement who your relationships are with and why you have attracted them with their ‘qualities’. It is your relationships that act as a mirror as you relay information and energy with others. 
On Earth you have cultural relationships that have perpetuated in toxicity and violence over thousands of years. Earth and humans are not alone in participating in conflict – this has happened throughout the journey of Creation. The ending is always the same – the conflict eventually ceases. Whilst force and destruction might appear to stop and even prevent further conflict, it does not deal with the underlying Cause. The Cause was through misunderstanding who you are and why you chose that experience. 
You think you know what the others intentions were – perhaps frustration, greed or power were the motivations but what caused those to be present in the other person. The answer is so simple and yet so easy to spread – it is fear and a deep inner hollow feeling of lack. Throughout history humans have sought to fill this void with other things like relationships, land and property to no avail. Your culture as it has grown in awareness has learned that self-love is what is required but it doesn’t stop there... As you use love to dissolve fear you can share and receive greater love. Love is a term we use for what is in fact multiple frequencies. These frequencies are preset as part of creation to ensure humans grow and evolve to return to remembering you are One with ALL. These frequencies are compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude amongst others, and they all transform fear. 
With the upcoming Solar Eclipse, individuals egos have been triggered by the distractions of propaganda and the ego responds with fear, judgement and rejection of others. We put it to you that when you can see all others as a part of you and transform that fear into a deep inner knowing that all requires the frequencies of love you will shift together. This Solar Eclipse is an opportunity to collectively shift into a new understanding of what it is to be a multidimensional human and access greater love frequencies that are available now. Focus not on the fearful stories that are happening around you but what you can transform with the available love frequencies within you. You can be the change you wish to see and by joining together with others in renouncing fear and becoming a Pillar for Peace you can anchor the love frequencies. 
It is with greatest reverence that we bring you this message as we see the courageous spirit humanity holds in ushering in a new dawn. 
Channelled with Kelly Peacey 
7th April 2024 
Note from Kelly: At the end of being a channel for this source I heard the word Ushas who I since have learned was a Hindu Goddess twin of Ratri. Ushas was the Goddess of dawn and Ratri the Goddess of night both maintaining cosmic balance. She is mentioned in the Vedas 300 times and is believed to be the consort of Surya the Sun and as a beautiful lady she rides a chariot with horses and cows across the sky bringing awareness of a new day. I do not think the channel was from this Hindu deity, but I do believe the name was given as a reminder that we are on the precipice for new beginnings and her story brings hope. 
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