My Crystal Recommendation for Full Moon in Aquarius – Chevron Amethyst 
When I tuned in and asked which crystal would best support this Full Moon, I was shown a Chevron Amethyst which has a distinct triangulated banded appearance thanks to the white Quartz layers that are between the purple and lavender Amethyst. 
For me Chevron Amethyst strengthens the brow and crown chakras bringing mental and spiritual clarity. I believe it also strengthens the connection to the Divine Source and to your highest spirit team, both of which further expand your spiritual understanding and wisdom as new insights simply drop in.  
You must not forget that by strengthening one’s connection to the Divine Source that protection is offered as you anchor the Divine Source and create a strong channel building a degree of immunity to negative and noxious energies and influences. 
Because Chevron Amethysts unique appearance, you wouldn’t be wrong if you thought it supports you to be unique and true to your calling. 
Working with it on this Full Moon may support you to integrate the multiple layers of you as an individual expression of the Divine that has a purpose here on Earth at this time. 
Amethyst has been called the sobriety stone and is often used to help individuals battling addiction but addiction has many forms including addictive behaviour patterns. 
It is also the go-to stone for sleep issues and anxiety due to its calming effects on the inner mental chatter. 
It is also a go-to stone for headaches especially if they are caused by stress and tension and if this is you, I recommend you place some on your brow chakra or place several around your head whilst you lie down. 
You might also like to try Chevron Amethyst water. This can be done two ways: the first is to place the stone in the water although to be honest I prefer the second whereby you intentionally channel the energy of the stone into the water and request the water holds the vibrational qualities of the Chevron Amethyst. 
My tendency to avoid putting crystals physically into water is down to many crystals containing minerals that may be leached into the water not to mention others may have handled your precious Chevron Amethyst but I don’t want to worry you especially as fear of a certain virus is rife although to be honest Chevron Amethyst like all Amethyst may help you to overcome fear and worry in the long run. 
I generally recommend that you don’t place any crystal into water that you intend to drink unless you know absolutely for certain it is safe to. 

Crystal Associations and other info: 

Chakras: Brown and crown 
Glands: Pineal and pituitary which is the master gland governing all other endocrine glands 
Hardness: 7 Mohs 
Chemical class: Silicates 
Crystal system: trigonal and hexagonal 
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