Being honest… the last two months have been a slog! Nothing moving forward fast enough, (thank you Mars retrograde) then foggy brain, mental confusion and car issues, mixed messages blah blah, (thank you Mercury retrograde) and a feeling of hopelessness and no control of even the simplest of things. 
What has this taught us? Perhaps it has taught us to be more tolerant, more patient and to have compassion for ourselves and others in knowing everyone is having their own battles. And yet, gradually over the last few days our energy levels are slowly recovering and a glimmer of hope stirs in the heart. 
Perhaps it is because the days are noticeably longer? 
Perhaps it is because as of 18th January, Mercury is now direct and gradually moving out of its shadow? 
Perhaps it is because as of 12th January Mars went direct? 
Perhaps it was yesterday's (21st January) New Moon in Aquarius spurring us forward and to think of the future. 
Or are we feeling the effects of the transition between the year of the courageous and bold yang water tiger to the year of the yin water rabbit which many purport to be a lucky year. 

Please note: Chinese New Year is on 4th February the Chinese Solar New Year marking the start of spring although most celebrate on the 22nd January which is actually the Lunar New Year. 

Each of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac is associated with one of five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), which are associated with their own "life force" and archetypal qualities. The rabbit is generally considered symbolic of longevity, peace, and prosperity with many considering it to be a year of hope. Whilst this all sounds wonderfully “hopeful” we must not lose sight of the possible negative traits of a yin water rabbit. 
Yin Water is receptive, analysing, placid, nurturing and supportive, cautious and wise, all pointing towards a creative but full of idealism 2023. What we are not being told is that mental weakness and lack of determination can be an issue as can reduced ability to focus on goals as we experience circumstantial changes and are naturally predisposed to being more timid. So yes, perhaps the practice of patience, tolerance and compassion will continue long into 2023 but begin to feel more natural as we turn our hearts to taking care of daily homelife and those we love. There is a great power in yin water as a reservoir of power, regeneration and creativity but it must not be left to get stagnant! We must tap into this gift if we are to make progress if we are to build the New Earth. 
Wishing you always blessed awareness and opportunities for growth. 
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