I’ve been quiet and I know many of you have too. That’s ok, you are feeling the celestial cosmic cogs that have encouraged us all to go inside and to reflect. The ego mind and the physical body are being challenged to make you review your way of life and how you do things. 
As we are in the middle of the Venus retrograde you undoubtedly are feeling a desire to improve your life journey and yet I know most of us feel battered and the feelings of not being good enough and unlovable swim uncontrollably in our energy fields. Hitting rock bottom this morning I asked for help in understanding as I have felt really ill with a virus and waking up in pools of sweat for days. I was told the following: 
“You are purging. To be able to purge you must unravel all the toxicity you have accumulated that includes what you have created and what others have burdened you with. It is a necessary cycle for humanities growth and humanity must learn to recognise that they cannot remain the same and follow the same patterns if they wish to grow and evolve. All of your life experiences are transient and you cannot hold on to anything. Not even your loved ones. You are all here to fly as your Soul has intended. 
2023 may feel like it has been heavier than other years but what you are experiencing on top of your own personal experiences is the dissolution of toxicity of thousands of years held in the ethers and in your genes. Physical clearing and emotional release are signs you are doing what is required and therefore supporting you. 
Whilst you always have free will to choose your path, your soul and your reality is geared to give you nudges in the right direction towards self-fulfilment. Surrendering creates a feeling of vulnerability but it is this vulnerability that humbles the ego. The more you resist the more the message intensifies. No amount of attempting to temporarily bandage or fix things to complete responsibilities will take away this lesson, it just delays it. 
As you look at all the broken pieces of your life experience recently you have focused primarily on your disappointments and failings but you are reminded that they do not define who you are and who you can become. It might be in your interests to balance these up a little with some of your acceptable qualities, especially those qualities that are within your heart centre and to focus on growing and expressing those. 
Remember that the Universal Laws are in place to insure you rise in the light of the Sun.” 
“I AM your SiSTAR Inanna and I am always at your service within you." 
After channelling this I looked at my phone to see that it is the 8th August which is the anticipated 8/8 or what some call the Lions Gate. Today, Venus conjuncts Black Moon Lilith at 23 degrees of Leo and a few hours later Venus squares Uranus at 22 degrees of Taurus confirming my message. I am so very grateful. 
Venus will align with the Earth and the Sun on 13th Aug for her inferior conjunction that initiates the morning star phase which sees her reborn. She will reappear as the Morning Star late August and stations direct on 3rd September suggesting you will be a wiser version of yourself. This Venus retrograde is about reevaluating our life experiences and issues of money and relationships will likely be spotlighted. 
Love and gratitude always 
Kelly xx 
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