Friday the 13th happens a couple of times a year but is steeped in superstition with some westerners still expecting something mischievous or at worst a disaster. Of course, we know that by focusing on fear we actually project and feed fear which can with enough emotional content deliver that which we expect but where has this idea that 13 is an unlucky number come from and why Friday the 13th. 

One association it has is with Christianity and Maundy Thursday when 13 sat for the “Last Supper”. In the then Jewish calendar this was the 13th of Nisan and the following day of his crucifixion was the next day and a Friday which is commonly referred to by Christians as Good Friday because according to some he thankfully sacrificed himself for our sins. As a non-religious person I identify and respect Jesus/Yeshua for standing up and speaking his truth and inviting others to be open to possibilities. 
There is also the Norse mythological story of Loki who was the 13th guest to a dinner party attended by the gods. This mischievous individual wreaked havoc causing the world to be plunged into darkness. 
The number 13 is particularly significant for woman as most years we have 13 lunar cycles linked to 13 cycles of menstruation. The word month is derived from the word moon and some believe equal importance was placed on the lunar cycle to the solar cycle for agriculture. Sadly, even menstruation is still considered by some as disgusting and yet it is this cycle within a woman that demonstrates fertility and the ability to co-create a new human life. 
In Numerology 13 supports the qualities of growth and transformation. With the number 1 it has the properties of new beginning, inspiration, energy, motivation, momentum, power, and action. The number 3 adds its creative and curious qualities that include the imagination, effective communication, tolerance, joyfulness, optimism, and dynamism. Added up together the number 4 represents the element of earth and is feminine and brings in a practical quality that anchors the 1 and 3 energy and ideas into making plans and actively getting on with them. 13 in numerology is often seen as a number bringing death and rebirth and is associated with the planet Uranus delivering bolts of lightning out of the blue that occur in life as surprises and revelations. But again, these don’t necessarily have to be bad. 
In magical traditions, Friday is associated with Venus and Aphrodite known for feminine beauty and charm but without jumping on the feminist we are all aware that women were considered second class citizens for hundreds of years. Friday and Venus are also associated with the metal copper. Years ago, we cooked in copper pans only to be told that copper leaching into our food was a bad thing, now we find copper deficiency is a problem for some and using copper water bottles and cooking pans is once again rising in popularity. 
So, is Friday the 13th good or bad? Actually, it all depends on you and what powers you attribute to it as it is your conscious and unconscious expectations and beliefs that manifest your reality. I personally utilise it to be more creative and harness the magical feminine qualities but what do you do? Are you avoiding walking under ladders? Surely, we are here to live and not be limited by fear, superstition and other people's beliefs. 
Love and blessings 
Kelly Peacey 
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