Today’s total Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon (November 8th) follows a day when the veil is especially thin, this year on November 7th. It’s the traditional Samhain (when the Sun is at 15 degrees of Scorpio). You may have felt especially thoughtful about the past and have memories pop up about loved ones that are no longer in the physical plane. Samhain is traditionally a time of honouring the ancestors who may also be drawing close to you to bring love and guidance. 
The Full Blood Moon in Taurus is conjunct Uranus and Uranus along with the Moon opposes the Sun in Scorpio alongside Mercury and Venus also in Scorpio. Uranus often brings the unknown into the known and is a revolutionary archetype. It brings with it an electrical nervous/exciting energy as it heralds change that we initially experience as surprise and chaos. 
The axis of Taurus and Scorpio is testing our sense of security, stability, and our desires to have, keep and to control, and with the North Node next to the Moon in Taurus drawing in powerful and practical evolutionary insights into our awareness encouraging us to move forward, it also requires us to let go of the outgrown hindrances as the South Node in Scorpio reminds us of the necessary passage of death. Now is a time of endings and beginnings as eclipses set the tone for the following 6 months. 
With all this in mind, we mustn’t forget the T-square that is formed from Uranus, the Moon and Sun, Venus and Mercury to Saturn in Aquarius bringing up issues of our physical responsibilities. This can create a time of strong opinions and it is vitally important to practice the patience and grounding of Taurus. 
My crystal recommendations for now: 
I wholly recommend Emerald as a companion and ally during this time as it combines soul wisdom with intelligence bringing in a balancing and calming influence on the emotional and mental bodies. It also greatly enhances co-operation and harmony in relationships. Another crystal that might prove helpful is Malachite. Malachite is an emotional healing crystal that enables us to become aware of our hidden blocks and patterns that keep us bound to emotional and physical suffering. When paired with Rose Quartz we can wilfully intend to let these go with love. 
May this time herald the highest outcome for all. 
Blessings always, 
Kelly x 
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