This is the final full moon before the upcoming eclipse season in October and it is in impulsive and bold Aries opposing the Sun in Libra. Both are cardinal signs suggesting they initiate change and new beginnings. 
As elements Aries is a fire sign indicating our feelings and emotions are currently strong, energised and may be more combustible and eruptive. However, the Sun in Libra – the element of air reminds us of the importance of staying mentally balanced and not being held hostage by our emotional body. It is important to remember the emotional body is not our enemy but is a great illuminator due to its reactive nature. If we can just take a few breaths and look at these feelings, we can discover what is and isn’t in balance as this axis gives us the opportunity to address relationship issues with tact and diplomacy. 
At this time we may feel a push pull desire for independence but also have heightened awareness of the needs of others. Compromising is a solution but even this might not be possible or what is for your highest good.. sometimes you have to be assertive in situations and fight for what is right. Basically, we need to weigh things up and be true to ourselves and others before taking action as Aries is ruled by Mars the warrior asking us to take action and Libra is ruled by Venus reminding us of what is valuable. Balancing our head and heart during this time will greatly benefit us all. 
This same day is the third and final peak of Venus square to Uranus as Venus is now retracing her steps forward to emerge out of the retrograde shadow. You may find what occurred during the last two squares is repeating here and hopefully apply what you have learnt during its retrograde. 
This moon is a supermoon which many believe makes its effects more powerful and in agriculture it is the Harvest Moon reminding us to harvest our fields and gardens before our produce is spoiled. 

My full moon in Aries crystal is Lemurian Seed Quartz 

Quartz is composed of atoms of oxygen and silicon joined together as tetrahedrons (three sided pyramids) that stack together to build quartz crystals. As a platonic solid shape, the tetrahedron is commonly associated with the element of fire and corresponds to the power of will and intention. 
Quartz crystals commonly grow into the form of a six-sided prism terminating in a six-sided pyramid although the Lemurian Seed Quartz has the appearance of obvious horizontal lines on 3 of the long surfaces that are alternated with 3 long sides that are smooth. These distinctive horizontal striations are referred to as barcodes and by rubbing the thumb and forefinger up the length you are intentionally attuning to this crystal that is believed to be programmed with the consciousness of Lemuria that some have likened to the Garden of Eden. The process of climbing this ladder of barcodes mindfully also calms the central nervous system and opens your awareness of higher wisdom and truths. 
Quartz has piezoelectric properties meaning that when pressure is applied to quartz, a positive electrical charge is created at one end of the crystal and a negative electrical charge is created at the other. It is synthetically recreated and used in most modern technology for its ability to emit and maintain a very steady frequency. With its trigonal crystal system, it provides direction, focus and balance making it excellent for amplifying, transmitting, and receiving frequencies that we choose to work with. 
I recommend lighting a candle at this full moon and using your thumb and forefinger to climb the ladder whilst holding the intention to achieve your highest purpose. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is as most people don’t have a clue. Your highest purpose is to live as your Higher Self which is a perfect instrument through which your soul can express itself on the Earth plane. As your higher self, you carry out the purposes of your soul, instead of following the desires of the ego portion of your personality. 
Always ground your awareness before and after such activities. 
Full moon blessings, 
Kelly x 
P.S Don't forget to cleanse your crystals under the lunar light to release all heavy energy. 
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