Today we experience the full moon in Capricorn and it’s a super moon suggesting its influence will be greater upon us. It has some challenging and spiritually supportive aspects as it is conjunct Pluto, opposite Mercury, trine Uranus, and square Chiron. 
Capricorn as the mountain goat wants to achieve at all costs and we see this as the mountain goat scrambling up the mountain and yet with the moon conjunct Pluto it might feel as if the mountain is crumbling beneath us with unknown and unforeseen situations arising which stirs us to question if our objectives are still necessary and if they're in alignment with our higher-self? 
As with all full moons there is a propensity to be more emotionally reactive and with the moon opposing Mercury the messenger sidled next to the sun in Cancer and trine to Uranus suggests communication could be combustible. This celestial combination suggests surprising new information coming to the surface that need to be considered as they directly influence your destiny. On a personal level it can be past hurts surfacing due to the moons square to Chiron. On a global level it could suggest hidden truths of misdeeds by the authorities that govern us being exposed. 
In all July has been intense and is most likely to continue to keep us on our toes however, on a higher level it is pushing us towards greater awareness and collective spiritual growth. Do not deny or resist your emotional reactions and feelings during this crucial month but question what they are telling you about you and your journey. 
My guides have repeatedly told me that it is important we allow the old ways of governing forces to crumble as it is making way for the new. Propping up corrupt and old institutions and those that have lied to us only enables more corruption and deceit to happen in the future. Everything has a lifespan and the cycle of death and rebirth is pivotal for our evolution. We must allow for this disruption and decay to make way for the new. 
In love always 
Kelly Peacey 
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