A lunar eclipse happens when the earth passes between the sun and the moon which casts its shadow on the moon. This lunar eclipse is a penumbral lunar eclipse which means that the moon will pass through the earth's outer shadow, causing it to darken but not completely disappear.  

This is the second eclipse – the first being a solar eclipse that occurred on the 20th April in Taurus. For most the period between can feel a little like the twilight zone. You can’t quite put a finger on it but you know something is up and often we become more sensitive and more aware of our own inner demons and start questioning ourselves. It’s a period where you will have needed to take time for yourself and to realign with you and your needs. The Aries new moon solar eclipse created a sense of urgency that was quickly followed by the sun moving into Taurus that said less haste, more quality and to slow down smell the roses and mercury going retrograde enforced that by being in Taurus. 
This time has caused us to again become aware of what do we value and what do we need. Also, what is physically and psychologically draining our resources and life force and are we able to change. Truth be told – eclipses are going to create change whether you like it or not so its best to do the inner work and take notice of what you are feeling and what is going on in your body. Understanding a little about the mind -body psycho spiritual relationship helps to decipher and confirm imbalances. 
This full moon lunar eclipse activates the South Node of the moon that is associated with the past and the Universal Law of Cause and Effect suggesting things from the past are rearing their head and with the opposition of Uranus and the Sun in Taurus there is an element of surprise that forces our hand to make necessary changes for soul growth. It might feel like the scorpion’s sting but the trick is to witness and see the benefits of change. 
Ultimately the message is: 
Let go of control and hoarding life. 
Be grateful for all you have had. 
Practise forgiveness and acceptance where possible. 
Surrender to the Souls evolution. 
May's full moon is traditionally referred to as a flower moon as we see the flowers adding their gift of colour and aroma to our world and life for all in nature in the northern hemisphere is growing abundantly with the sun. You too are growing and the seeds you have sown will be evident now. It is a time of fertility and sharing so remember to share your inner beauty and appreciate what beauty others bring. 
The full moon in Scorpio is annually celebrated as the birthday of Buddha (some also say the physical death of Buddha) this reminds us that this is a powerful day for awakening, transforming, accessing higher dimensional insights, and transcending suffering and pain. 
Also worth noting is the numerology 5/5 which is the master of change and an explorer. It has an element of restlessness, unpredictability, and chaos. In chaos there is always order and 5’s weakness is irresponsibility and overindulgence. 
Last note: the veil is super thin and I recommend extra attention is placed on grounding, cleansing your space and energy shielding. A ritualistic salt bath is also a good practise after a lunar eclipse. 
My chosen crystal is Garnierite (aka green moonstone). 
It’s a stone for the heart chakra, self-love and supports friendships. Its green colour is caused by nickel and it is found at industrial nickel mines. It offers heart wisdom, optimism and emotional balance for growth. It deepens your connection to Mother Earth and nature but also fills your multidimensional being with its luminance. A crystal renowned for good luck and foresight, it is also helpful if you are struggling to navigate stormy oceans. 
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