You are not broken 
You are not weak 
You are not depressed 
You are not worthless 
You are human! Part HU = godly/Divine, and part man or womb-man. Your trials and tribulation are not unnecessary, they are part of what is unfolding on Earth. At times you may feel all of these feelings but they must never become your truth. They are feelings and they come and then they go. Sometimes they may last longer, but they are still not the truth of who you are. 
Your human body was designed for these feelings and yet your soul and the Divine Source know that you are fully capable of overcoming them by raising your consciousness. 
These feelings will slow you down if you dwell upon them for too long and that is something that is unnecessary for you and your role here. Denying them or burying them is not an option because you know that only keeps them entangled in your energy field. This causes them to become heavier and if left too long they will suffocate your light. These are your own personal demons. They are not entities attacking you – they are the parts of you that you never allowed to be loved. Even now as you read this you feel guilt and shame. You are judging yourself because “You should know better.” So, what if you do know better? You are allowed to feel! Feeling is a part of Being a Human and you must never deny your “Humanness.” 
So, feel just like your body was designed to. Feelings can be pleasurable or uncomfortable but they are just messengers passing through. More specifically they are learnt filters and reactions. These filters and reactions can be consciously upgraded with effort. This upgrade requires the sacred balm of love. This love can take the form of self-care and self-acceptance but it requires practice. You must re-train yourself to be kind to you. 
Next time you feel broken, weak, depressed, or worthless, allow yourself to feel, then remind yourself you have felt these before and that their heaviness can be transformed. 
This spiritual practise forms part of what is called “Hypostatic Union” and was something Jesus and many other Christed and enlightened Beings had awareness of. You are acknowledging and allowing your Divine godliness and your man or womb-man self to be one. 
In love always 
Kelly Peacey 
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