Feeling like you are back to square one and disillusioned by 2021 as if no developments have been accomplished? The world and life are all just one great big fat mess and absolutely no one with any authority is capable of sorting out this 'shit hole'? You may feel beyond any feeling of frustration you have ever felt before and ready to implode. 
There is no-one to blame for where you are in life at this moment, and it is your responsibility to get yourself out of this mess, and yet this resentment and bitterness weakens your spirit. 
You are pushed to the brink of tension in your soul’s desire to bring you back to find the sweetness in our own hearts.  
What do you really need? 
Not what do you want, but what do you really need? 
Here are some questions you might like to ask yourself... 
Do you need to be acknowledged and heard? 
Do you need to know you are not alone? 
Do you need to feel supported? 
Do you need to be held and protected? 
You have all the answers and all the solutions to your own personal problems and to be brutally honest, that is all you need to worry about at this moment. You alone cannot save this world but when you take charge of your world the whole world around you reaps the benefits.  
It’s time to get fierce… not with others but with your own fears. It’s time to tell the pathetic self-doubting inner nag that you are coming to resurrect your inner lioness’s crown. Spirit reminds you that creativity and warmth towards yourself and others and life in general will open doors and forge stronger relationships. 
For the last couple of days, you have been slipping into the Lions Gateway which is an annual event that is open for another 2 weeks. In this time, it is believed that Earth is bathed with the light of Sirius. Call on the light of Sirius and your star family to purge your demons and prove your bravery to your Soul. 
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