A Channelled Healing Meditation with Kelly Peacey 

In this channelled healing meditation, you are guided and supported by the Yooperlite Crystal Skull alongside your highest spirit guides to send healing across parallel lives. Many accept the idea that we may have had previous lives and are comfortable that we may have more lifetimes in the future but struggle with the concept that we maybe having parallel lives suggesting you may be living multiple different lives, in different countries, cultures and timelines. 
Understandably this sounds very sci-fi but the new quantum science theories suggest this is a real possibility. The concept of parallel lives dates back to 1952 when Austrian physicist Erwin Schrödinger asserted that even though the equation that won him a Nobel prize seems to be describing several different histories, they are “not alternatives but all happening simultaneously”. 
In the late 1950’s, American physicist Hugh Everett III postulated the ‘Many Worlds Interpretation’ (MWI) to explain the ability of quantum particles to be in two states simultaneously, that is, each version of reality branches into a set of new realities, which exist separately and can’t interact with each other. Quite recently, Griffith University scholars challenged the foundations of quantum science with a radical new theory ‘Many Interacting Worlds’ (MIW) as it speculates that multiple parallel universes can overlap and influence each other. 
There are many theories why a soul might choose to experience multiple lives at once, but it is largely agreed that the soul chooses a human experience to learn and grow through a plethora of events, roles and storylines. Because only a small portion of the soul is incarnated that it can choose to experience other lifetimes simultaneously to increase the momentum of growth. 
The Yooperlite crystal skull you see supports this healing meditation and its healing energy is transmitted to the listened with the intention for being “for the highest good of all” so as not to disrupt universal laws that might interfere with karma hence your highest spirit guides are also with you. Please note you do not have to have this crystal with you but feel free to have your own crystals with you if it feels appropriate. 
Yooperlite displays beautiful, spotted fluorescence when a UV light is on it and is a trademarked crystal from Michigan. Yooperlite is a conglomerate rock but contains sodalite in its matrix. On a healing level yooperlite reveals the hidden and is especially helpful for gaining mental clarity and revealing the truth. It also instils inner calm and offers protection making it especially helpful for going multidimensional healing. 
To make the most out of this channelled healing meditation I recommend you get yourself cosy and, in a place, where you are not likely to be disturbed. As with all meditation recordings, please allow yourself time to centre and ground yourself before attempting to drive or operate machinery. 
Approximately 28 minutes long, this meditation was recorded live on 22nd January 2024: 
Music by Silencio Music
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