We are fully in Scorpio season with our Sun now joining Mars and Mercury in the dark, deep emotional waters that hold the medicine for our rebirth. Together these planets support us in: 

Acknowledging our hidden motivations and deepest desires 
Communicating clearly 
Manage our anger 
Taking decisive action 
Transform negative beliefs 
Work towards combating addictions and destructive behaviours 
Transforming our fears 
Step into Soul Power 
Be aware that Scorpio as a lower and higher expression. The scorpion is the instinctive functioning in survival which although helpful at times can be destructive and self-sabotaging. The higher expressions are the phoenix that uses the pain of transformation to arise from the flames empowered and there is the eagle who raises its awareness to see the bigger picture and soars above the emotional drama. Which will you be? 
And let’s not forget we are in the midst of an eclipse gateway with a building full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus occurring on Saturday, 28th October at 21:15 pm (BST). This is an opportunity for shifts in consciousness and creating positive changes (particularly in relationships) and although most dislike change it is worth remembering that change is the only constant and it is in the looking back later that we see why changes were needed and what rewards you now have. 
Now is the time to be focusing on you and doing all the self-reflection, self-care and healing possible. 
It's time to put what you’ve learned into action. 
I have been called to work with Black Calcite during this period. I recommend sleeping with it and keeping it close by. Cleanse it with highest white golden light directly from the Source of Creation and bless and thank it often for be a guide and supporting you in your process of personal transformation. 
Please see my next post which is all about Black Calcite and why I am using it now! 
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