With the Gemini new moon today 30th May at 12:30 (BST) and with Gemini's ruling planet Mercury still in retrograde it is the perfect time to tune in and reflect on the previous lunar cycle that had the intense solar and then lunar eclipse. What did you learn about you and others and the world at large? On gathering this information, you are now able to set your intention for the next "moonth". 
Being mentally more aware and sharper, learning and a desire to connect with others are all supported. 
Be mindful of new information coming out and how the others might attempt to manipulate it. Your heart centre will guide you as to what is truth and what is lies! 
Mercury comes out of retrograde on 3rd June and Saturn going into retrograde on 4th June which may throw up some blocks so remain Gemini flexible if you can. 
Blessings always 
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