Let your heart be your guide… 
The New Moon in Leo on Thursday 28th July (18:54 BST) is supported by a trine to Jupiter stationing retrograde in Aries. This benevolent aspect magnifies the charismatic, courageous, and passionate Leo qualities and instills hope for the next lunar cycle. This might prove quite helpful considering just 3 days later we experience the much-anticipated influence of Mars, Uranus and the North Node all conjunct in the fixed and stubborn sign of Taurus… Mars is the warrior, Uranus is the revolutionary and great awakener and the North Node guides us towards our destiny… think outside the box, we may be in store for some surprise curveballs that stop us in our tracks and require flexibility. 
New Moons are the start of a lunar cycle and therefore a time for new beginnings. Leo is ruled by the Sun our power source which brings creativity and vitality. In the physical body Leo rules the heart organ which according to the scientific discoveries from the Heartmath Institute is the most powerful source of electromagnetic energy in the human body, producing the largest rhythmic electromagnetic field of any of the body’s organs that can be measured 3 feet away from the physical body. 
Mystics, psychics, healers and therapists have referred to a field of subtle energy most commonly called the aura that envelopes the physical body and that emanates light and colour. The aura is affected by our physical health, thoughts and feelings. It is known that emotions and feelings are powerful forces that stimulate biological changes in the body and surges of electrical energy! Imagine for one minute how the feelings of rage affect the aura, then perhaps imagine passion, and then love? Our energy field intermingles with those around us and our environment and we are constantly receiving and sharing subtle energies. Given that emotional reactivity can be immensely powerful and is also contagious to our subtle energy body it is important we don’t get swept away with unnecessary causes. 
Leo is a fixed fire sign that infuses this lunar cycle with confidence, creative expression, bold leadership all of which are beneficial for moving forward. However, the negative polarity of Leo’s influence may also lead us headfirst into the egoic mind where we get triggered. During such times it is important not to react but to let the challenge sit for a moment in the heart chakra. You can then calmly ask yourself if the challenge is worthy of pursuit for your soul’s purpose. By briefly linking in with the heart chakra you disconnect with the ego mind and create a stronger connection with your soul awareness and invite love in. 
Normally I would recommend working with crystals like citrine, tigers’ eye, or sunstone during Leo season but I intuitively feel we’d be supported more by the loving and compassionate qualities of rose quartz which helps us to comfort our ego, heal and balance the heart chakra and maintain a balanced emotional body. 
Wishing you all a love filled heart for this lunar cycle. 
Kelly Peacey 
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