The Sagittarius New Moon on 23rd November at 22:57 (GMT) brings a much needed lighter, spontaneous, and optimistic energy along with the confidence to exert some bold inspired leaps of faith. For many the Scorpio season along with the eclipses has been a time of inner work and going deep into the shadow self to mentally and physically process the past. With the New Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Venus all in Sagittarius it ignites both our mind and body with a burst of energy and the willingness to look outside for greater fulfillment, especially to explore, grow and free yourself of tiresome burdens. 
Over the next lunar cycle, you will most likely experience and witness the positive and negative attributes of the Sagittarius energies just like we do with every zodiac sign and with so much mutable energy it’s important to be aware of the higher and lower expressions of Sagittarius. The lower expressions present as stubbornness, rigid and dogmatic thinking, idealism, outspoken, opinionated and seemingly unaware and inconsiderate of the effects it has on others. The positive expressions present as; honesty, a happy-go-lucky disposition, generosity, active and ‘just’ attitude to life’s challenges. No doubt there will be plenty of flip-flopping between the two especially as the moon reaches its fullest in Gemini on 8th December at 04:07 (GMT)
The sign of Sagittarius is represented by the centaur who is half horse and half man who aims a bow and arrow up towards the skies. Centaurs display a mix of heaven and earth embodying the conflict between animal instincts and civilised humanity and alleged higher intelligence of the human. In some spiritual practises the horse is believed to carry the souls of the dead to the next world. Horses also represent power, movement, travel, wisdom, mental agility, and protection all of which describe the Sagittarius qualities. 

The half horse and half man can also represent the body and mind and cause us to question our compatibility of these within us.  

The bow and arrow the centaur holds also has two aspects that must be compatible for an accurate shot. The bow represents receptivity and stillness, and the arrow is action and inspiration both reminding us of the mutable qualities that Sagittarius displays. 
The New Moon has some helpful aspects at play, there is a trine to stationing direct Jupiter in feminine and watery Pisces and a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn reminding us that we are breaking through. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and is known as the great benefic and known bringing abundance and expansion to anything it interacts with but with it conjunct Neptune which is square to Mars in Gemini and currently retrograde we need to remember to still employ common sense in all the confusion and excitement. 
My intuitively selected crystal for this New Moon and the Sagittarius season is Topaz, which I will discuss in another post. 
Remember that a New Moon is a time to plant seeds of intention and with Jupiter ruling this one you can expect success in manifesting your dreams. 
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