We had a new moon birthed in Pisces this morning (Monday 20th February at 07:06 GMT), that is encouraging us to merge with the ocean of consciousness. The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions connected with a cord. When drawn as a glyph, it’s two crescent moons (representing receptivity) attached with a straight line. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac wheel before the New Zodiac Year commencing with Aries the Ram. This cord between the two fish is about us equally looking back and looking forward in a dream like state. 
Simultaneously we are asked to let go and hold on, but to what? Pisces is water representing emotions, creativity and intuition and is in a flowing dream like state. The Pisces fish (representing our current phase of the solar journey) are said to have travel down two rivers and merge together in the ocean. Pisces requests that we let go and flow by being in the Now where all is possible. As a time of endings and beginnings we only have Now to hold onto and because that is the water of life with all its experiential, emotional and creative content we have to constantly let it go. 
The next month (lunar cycle) we could find ourselves enacting the archetypal qualities of this sign of the zodiac which are; heightened emotional sensitivity, empathy, compassion, creativity, intuition and is a time for healing and soul growth as it is associated with the 12th House. Use these waves of inspiration to guide you. 
You may find yourself and others less dependable. 
You might take on the victim archetype. 
You may feel the urge to escape responsibilities and restraints. 
In all of the more negative aspects of Pisces I recommend you honour what you are feeling, sit with it and explore the awareness and its dual nature, allow the feelings to flow through you and finally dissipate like the 2 rivers of duality merging with the ocean. 
I recommend working with the prescriptive stone for Pisces which is Amethyst. It offers protection by connecting you with your higher-self, whilst at the same time anchors you to the Earth with its iron content. It is also a keeper of the violet ray supporting you to let go of detrimental energies and influences that do not serve your soul growth. 
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