Why I love Tiger Iron now… 
Tiger Iron is affordable and readily available – it is your crystalline pocket rocket for vigour and spiritual protection now. 
You would be forgiven for misidentifying Tiger Iron for Tiger’s Eye as it does have Tiger’s Eye in it and therefore you will likely feel the qualities of courage, confidence and the igniting of the solar plexus and sacral chakras inspires creative solutions. But this special stone also has 2 extra crystal helpers: Jasper and Hematite making it a 3 in 1 rock formation. 
The Jasper brings with it; resilience, strength detoxification and honesty and the iron in the Hematite anchors your incarnation fully to the molten iron core at the centre of Mother Earth, grounding and protecting your spirit. This trifold combination is perfect for when you feel overwhelmed with mammoth challenges and especially good for when you feel burned out or beaten down as it helps you tap into your own hidden inner warrior archetype as it supports you to be brave, face your fears and push through whatever apparent blocks are put on your path. 
Other qualities that Tiger Iron may support you to nurture within you are; focus, determination, optimism, willpower, discipline, physical vitality, emotional tolerance, grounded awareness and psychic protection. 
Tiger Iron is great to work with during the New Moon and Full Moon in Leo and when the Sun is in Leo as it naturally enhances the Leo qualities of leadership and warms up and opens the lionesses’ heart for creativity and sharing. I would also recommend this as a talisman for highly sensitive individuals, empaths and anyone who feels like they may be under psychic attack. 
When you feel called to connect to Tiger Iron, I recommend that hold it to your Solar Plexus Chakra, stand tall, close your eyes and state out loud 3 times the following: “I am strong, creative, determined, grounded and perfectly protected now.” (…. that ought to perk you up!) 
You may hear British folk call Tiger Iron, “Mugglestone” or “Mucklestone” as it was found in Moclestone in England. English Mugglestone tends to have less Tiger’s Eye in it. 
Chakras: solar plexus, sacral, root and earth star chakra 
Zodiac sign and planet: Leo and the Sun 
Elements: fire and earth 
Colour: gold, yellow, brown, grey, metallic, and red 
Found: England, Africa, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, and the United States. 
Crystal system: trigonal (and the limonite in the tiger’s eye is rhombic) 
Mineral info: silicon dioxide (silicates) in combination with red jasper and hematite (oxides and hydroxides) 
Hardness: 5-7 Mohs Scale 
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