The axis of these two cardinal signs brings our attention to the needs of ourselves and that of others. With this fully illuminated moon conjunct Chiron, it could trigger our deepest wounds reminding us of the trauma story that created them providing an opportunity to actively transform our repeating patterns and behaviour especially with Venus the planet of love and beauty conjunct the sun in Libra - ever the diplomatic. But we have to remember passions run high this full moon and it’s easy for dramas to breakout because Aries can be impulsive, inpatient and overly self-serving. 
All this happens only the day after Pluto stations direct in Capricorn suggesting we are already feeling an underlying level of the intensity in our expectations. 
This is the last full moon before the eclipse season starts with the Partial Solar eclipse and New Moon conjunct the South Node in Scorpio on 25th October. Just two days after Saturn stations direct in Aquarius hinting at a realignment with fate as we experience endings and beginnings in the following two weeks. The square between Saturn and Uranus tightens again and collectively the battle between the old control systems and the emerging New Earth may be divisive. However, with Mercury out of its retrograde shadow now in Libra on the 17th October, individuals may personally experience greater mental clarity. 
My October crystal recommendation for this year is Unakite which is referred to as a stone of Now that harmonises the heart chakra. Unakite brings the past and the future together in the heart and reminds us that it is Now where we must remain balanced. As we look back into the past we can (if ready) offer forgiveness that releases our spirit and that of others enabling us to move forward feeling lighter and free, allowing new creative source energy to enter the heart and guide you as you rebirth. 
Crystal Healing Therapists often prescriptively use Unakite to support the heart, lungs, skin, hair and reproductive system especially during pregnancy. Its gentle supportive energy also makes it perfect for convalescing. 
Unakite keywords: committing to selfcare, heart guidance, rebirthing, healing the past, releasing judgement and emotional pain and recognising Now is your responsibility. Stabilising, grounding, patience and balanced emotions. 
Unakite was first discovered in the United States, in the Unakas mountains of western North Carolina/eastern Tennessee (hence its name). Unakite is a composite rock made up of multiple minerals namely orthoclase feldspar, potassium aluminium silicate, epidote, calcium aluminium iron silicate hydroxide and clear quartz including pink feldspar and epidote adding to its colour range which is green mixed with pink salmon blotches. 
Chemical Composition: KAlSi308, Ca2(Al,Fe)3(SiO4)3(OH) and SiO2 
Hardness: 6 – 7 Mohs 
Full moon blessings 
Kelly Peacey 
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