Hello all, 
As we wave goodbye to 2022 I know many have spent the festive season with yucky seasonal viruses (myself included). It does feel like we are having a huge purge… with our bodies trying their best to clear out the toxicity of the last 2 years. 
We have witnessed the light and dark of 2022 in the numerology of the number 6 known for heightened empathy, nurturing, emotional sensitivity and idealism and the desire to follow a path of service for the greater good of All. 
6 symbolically represents symmetry and harmony in the Star of David symbol and hexagon but we all must ask ourself, how has our individual idealism brought us together? Did it create unity or divide? 
As an outwardly emotional and reactive archetype, 6 has at times caused sensitive individuals to feel overwhelmed, overburdened and resentful of the sheer weight of responsibility to future generations. 
In 2022 as a year 6 it was believed that by uniting and coming together with others on a similar mission that harmony would be restored. (Think NATO & Ukraine - did that create harmony or further suffering? Not debating.) 
If you think of the Bible's version of creation, it was 6 days of physical proactive work that was required before the final 7th day of rest and reflection could be experienced. 
With the impending New Year of 2023 we climb on the new cosmic year long ride that is influenced primarily by the 7 archetype. 7 reminds us that the material and physical plane of existence is flawed, superficial and limited. 7 is the bridge that superconsciousness (The All That Is, Divine Source of Creation) along with the individuals Soul, uses to review spiritual development and evolution of the previous years. 
In 2023 as a year 7 we will be gathering, analysing and attempting to create synthesis. This is the year of looking inwards and exploring inner psycho-spiritual solutions to the failings in the physical and material planes of existence. It calls us to find a hidden deeper level of being that is altogether more ‘Holistic’ and spiritually in harmony. In a 7 year we must find inner harmony through self-awareness and acceptance within before we can see experience it on the physical plane. 

Significance of 7…  7 major chakras along the sushumna 7 days of the week 7 notes in the musical scale 7 visible colours humans see in the rainbow 7 directions (left, right, up, down, forward, back and center) 7th day of rest 

7 symbolises our struggle to know and understand and invites us to explore the hidden and unknown and to analyse our spiritual journey. 
A universal Year 7 for humanity can be a lonely year as all focus is within. It reminds us that we control the external by controlling first the inner planes of our own existence and asks us to develop inner mastery, discipline and discernment. 
The 7th tarot card is the Chariot which demands determination and will power if one is to be victorious. Your strength and commitment will no doubt be tested this year. 
In a year 7 it is important to spend time with yourself and your thoughts. It is a year for learning about you. Give yourself time to reflect, meditate, journal, read and spending time in nature. It’s time to transform your past years' experiences and release your judgments and find a degree of peace within you. 
Wishing everyone an enlightening and transformative 2023! 
Love always 
Kelly x 
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