One of the most spiritually significant days of the year the winter solstice marks the turning of nature’s wheel of life, and the movement of our Sun into the zodiac sign of Capricorn and astronomically it is the first day of Winter. On this special day it is the longest night, and thus the shortest day and precisely marks the point that soon the daylight will last longer (in the northern hemisphere) and that life will re-emerge after its winter slumber when the spring arrives. Modern society tends to recognise this as an ending of the calendar year and yet in agriculture our ancestors acknowledged It as the beginning. 
The term Solstice is derived from the latin “Sol” (Sun) and “Sistere” (be still). Energetically as we too are nature it reminds us that we must preserve our energy as our daylight time and energy is limited. Whilst in this darkest part of the year you may feel inclined to reflect about the past and self-nurturing is advised to support the transformation of any fears as you seek the truth. 
Winter Solstice and Yule celebrations usually centre around the birth of a Divine Son/Sun as a saviour. Different cultures tell stories with much loved characters to tell this annual story. We have Mother Mary, Jesus and Joseph, or Isis, Horus and Osiris (note that neither Joseph or Osiris actually physically inseminated the Mother – is this the Divine Sun insemination – seed?) 
According to Celtic myths, the Solstice marked the annual battle between the Oak King (representing light) and the Holly King (representing dark). On the Winter Solstice it was always the Oak King that won! 
The outside physical sun also represents our inner sun or rather the spark of consciousness that resides in our heart. After the Winter Solstice it is nurtured by the growing physical sun and our confidence grows. For the next couple of months our inner darkness is gradually transformed into illumination and enlightenment. 

This year in the UK we experience the Winter Solstice on Wednesday, 21 December 2022, 21:48 (GMT). On this day the Sun rises at 08:13 and then sets at 15:59 meaning daylight only exists for 7hrs and 45 mins. 

Solstices, equinoxes and the cross quarter days are days when the veil is thin between the physical plane and the realm of spirit and I highly recommend using this Solstice to nurture your spiritual connection to nature, your loved ones and to the sun which is being rebirthed. 
Many megalithic monuments acknowledge the Winter Solstice including the Sarsen ring at Stonehenge which is orientated to the Mid Winter Solstice sunset and New Grange in Ireland is aligned to the sunrise and you can witness the timely shaft of light illuminate an inner chamber and you may feel yourself called to visit a sacred site or place in nature to reflect on the years events. 
Traditional Winter Solstice practices include; collecting Holly and Mistletoe and bringing them into the home, creating a wreath, burning an oak log (the traditional Yule log), dressing a pine tree with decorations and lighting candles in the home. 
Solstice blessings and festive cheer to you all. 
Kelly x 
Solstice blessings and festive cheer to you all. 
Kelly x 
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